Saturday, March 04, 2006

Barefoot Suzy's War Wounds.

Yesterday and today have been immensely horrible. My thoughts are filled with pain, outrage, and despair. Barefoot Suzy spent the previous day seaching the swamps for our hated enemies, Nerk and Bob, to dispatch them from this plane of existence, permanently. Late in the evening she stumbled upon Sissy Bob, who begged her not to hurt him. Then distracted and confused, Barefoot Suzy was viciously attacked by the more murderous creature Nerk, who brutally beat, tortured, and raped her... Nerk then bit the head off a bobcat and spit the blood in her face. By the time I reached her, the monstrous bastards who hurt her were long gone again. Leaving me to tend poor Barefoot Suzy's grievous wounds, which were gruesomely poisoned with huge amounts of toad venom and badly infected. Barefoot Suzy cried and begged my forgiveness for letting them get away. I told her, don't be afraid, everything would be all right. Barefoot Suzy settled down and calmly insisted her wounds be documented. She still denies having been raped during the assault, over a full day later. This is not a good sign, but I must overlook it. Only Barefoot Suzy's health concerns me. She is the last surviving Barefoot Black Orchid and must not die or come to further harm.

This is how Barefoot Suzy looked last evening before sundown.

This is Barefoot Suzy after I had healed her wounds the next day, seated in the same position. The gash above her left eye was severe, so I could not completely remove it just yet.

Barefoot Suzy after sunset again. Her eyes can no longer emit steam to regulate her body heat. A minor nuisance for now, but one that could be a serious problem in the next few days.

An hour ago. Barefoot Suzy's showing early signs of toxination. She is also physically weak, her hair lies normally in its full weight, her mind is slowly drifting into madness.

She must be taken to a place where she can be cured by anti-toxin composition that I must replicate. I cannot disclose the name of this place, but we must go there now. I summoned Barefoot Tefé, who promptly left us upon hearing Barefoot Suzy's request and memorizing a phone number. I assume Barefoot Tefé is attempting to contact the expert barefoot lady pilot Barefoot Suzy is asking for, a barefoot woman named Barefoot Zinda Blake. Barefoot Suzy is the dearest, sweetest friend I've ever had. She is part of our family. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé love her as much as I. To lose her would be unthinkable. I will see Barefoot Suzy through all this. She will live. She simply has to survive, as she ever has. She must!

Barefoot Lady Blackhawk.


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