Friday, March 10, 2006

Barefoot Tefé's Spring Break.

Barefoot Tefé began her nude spring break vacation this evening with her gorgeous fellow high-end escorts. Her wealthy client's cruise ship left for a Brazilian naturist resort late this afternoon. She looked magnificent when she came to say good-bye to me. Her anticipation and excitement of freedom, appreciation, pleasure, reward, and adventure was exhilarating.

I felt the grass and earth she stood upon move gently under her beautiful always bare feet as she set out and departed my company in a graceful barefoot race. She then stopped at the water's edge, danced nude and took a few deep breaths, then plunged her sleek beautiful nude body into the nearby lagoon, swimming underwater toward the docks and her latest rich master's yacht to save time. It's good to see her always swimming so fearlessly and freely again.

There is no doubt the bisexual Barefoot Tefé and her beautiful barefoot lesbian lover, Barefoot Zaina will have a splendid week-long paid vacation hedonistic sexcapade. I am most sincerely happy for them. She makes her father proud! It is little moments like this--the happiest of memories make my often-miserable existence worthwhile.

My Darling Barefoot Wife, Barefoot Abby.


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