Sunday, March 12, 2006

Barefoot Naked Survivalist Cajun Couple With Class.

A Cajun fisherman and his barefoot wife, Jean and Barefoot Louise,
visited me today after setting their nets and anchoring their boat. They dived in and swam right up to me and said hello with reassuring voices. The nude survivalist couple were very friendly and asked a lot of simple questions. They were unafraid and unreserved, which is about the only way I can make friends. In fact, I was so pleased with their company, I led them out of the water in which we were swimming, to casually take this picture of them once I'd obtained my digital camera. It's the human thing to do to capture memories on film. If I am to make Barefoot Abby as happy as she should be, then I must show her I will try to be as human as possible. I'm sure she'll be glad to know I have friends of my own out here in the swamp again. The nude couple left on their little sailing ship in high spirits. The Cajun traditional term Bon Gumbo is a grand title I wear with great pride. It is the most human of my merits, and one I shall always cherish from now on.

Life Is A Beach For Barefoot Tefé.


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