Monday, March 13, 2006

Life Is A Beach For Barefoot Tefé.

Barefoot Tefé and Barefoot Zaina, The Most Exquisite Young Nude
Beautiful Barefoot Women Currently Vacationing In Rio De Janeiro.

Barefoot Tefé's hedonistic leisure time out of the country has already reaped great benefits. Not only is she beginning to put things into perspective, she's starting to accept her lot in life. As she's reached almost the complete and final full maturity of her teen years, the young beautiful barefoot woman she's become is ready to implement the wisdom of her wanderings and learnings. She is an individual in her own right, as this following sentimental message attests:

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad. As I've been dancing, surfing, swimming, diving, resting, and sunbathing here nude and wet all day on a gorgeous beach in Brazil with Barefoot Zaina in my arms, I'm starting to think you're probably right about all the things we've talked about the last couple months. It's time to take stock about everything. My life isn't so terrible now. Barefoot Zaina really loves me, and that's something I won't take for granted. I will graduate Houma High soon, and that'll make Mom proud. I really appreciate everything you've tried to do for me. But what can I do for you? I mean, you live through other people now. That's kind of cool. One would think you'd have thrown the laptop aside now and gone back to overseeing the moss growing on the trees, listening to the birds sing, and fighting the bug-eyed monsters. But the fighting isn't so easy now that there are other worlds being blown up in the sky every night. So I've been thinking. Since you want to share in my little victories, how about I kick things up a knotch? I learned a lot of different things in my time on the road with Pilate and Barnabus. Odd skills and weird tactics and crap that are useful. Barefoot Zaina likes fancy sports cars. So tomorrow I'm going to run around nude all over the entire resort if I damn well have to, go find the right job that won't kill me, and work for the money to buy that car Barefoot Zaina swooned over in Houma. I'll get the money right here in Brazil, though Barefoot Zaina's not crazy about my plans. She says I'm totally full of shit to blow off a week-long vacation. I don't give a flying fuck. It's my time to waste. Anyway... It'll give me something to shoot for. If I can make it so there's less gloom and doom in the world for you when I fill you on more of this turn-about back home, all the better. About you: I'm not afraid of stupid Nerk and Bob or what crazy-ass King Toad wants to do to all the people in the Gulf, including the whole lot of us, so screw them! From now on I'm doing what I want. And I'm going to be dignified about it, just like you, the big-ass nature god superhero and your smart and cushy cute sidekick Barefoot Suzy. I mean, you're a big walking talking plant who just happens to be most dignified person in the entire world right now. I know it's cliché, but I really want to be just like you. That's why I'm here, nude wet bare fully-tanned boobs and Brazilian-waxed ass on a white sandy nude beach, wearing just shades and nude body-jewelry, white-blonde hair all slicked back in the salt water, true to myself, dignified and as far away from the junkies and losers as possible. I can't see myself going back to that. Things would have to be pretty bad. I think Barefoot Zaina feels it too. I'm not running away, just going my own way. And I will come back, because that's what I feel is right. Do yourself a favor, Dad. Stop worrying about everything and everyone so much. Whatever happens, happens. Just make the most of it and make every moment count for something. Don't you even bother to give a crap about all the days you're useless in-between. We all have our own little setbacks in our lives. I know I do. I live for moments like this. I said all I can say. Hey, I got to do something to pass the time around here since my big boss, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne was a no-show. We get all these free vacations, but we paid escorts never get to see him. Talk about a man with options. Lots of horny naked barefoot party girls with no one to entertain but each other and all the hot camera guys filming us. Whatever, we can use the money until graduation. Then I'll join that high-end escort agency and everything will be beaches and easy street, just like Pilate figured my life of luxury would be like. You can't beat female privilege, right? Might as well enjoy myself, while I still can. Life's a beach! Barefoot Zaina's getting hotter by the minute. I'll close. Love you, Dad. Here's beach sand in your e-mail. Barefoot Tefé."


My barefoot little one's not so little anymore. She's all grown up, and it certainly shows in this most pleasing and reassuring development of her overall personality. Such wisdom. I love my enduring family.

Barefoot Suzy's Startling Discovery.


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