Thursday, March 16, 2006

This Is What Friends Are Made For!

Barefoot Abby's Back In The Swamp, And Better Than Ever!

Barefoot Abby finally got out of the hospital today. I had just finished talking to Barefoot Suzy when all of a sudden, Barefoot Suzy threw herself upon me and kissed me in passionate gratitude, just as Barefoot Abby barefooted as silently as ever from out of the ankle-deep creek water on her always barefoot toes, and moved stealthly toward us. I was so involved in Barefoot Suzy's kiss, I didn't notice Barefoot Abby until she spoke. She asked if she could join in? It was a humbling moment. Barefoot Abby's sense of humor could not have been better timed. I took Barefoot Abby into my arms and hugged her gently. Barefoot Abby said Barefoot Suzy and I both better save some kisses for her next time. Barefoot Suzy, still sitting next to us, folded her hands over her face and cried. Barefoot Abby asked what was wrong. I told her everything. Barefoot Abby comforted Barefoot Suzy, telling her everything would work itself out somehow. Barefoot Suzy reminded us of our scheduled flight with Barefoot Lady Blackhawk tonight. I told Barefoot Abby it was about Barefoot Lady Jane, and she might not wish to come. Try and stop me, was Barefoot Abby's enthusiastic response. Barefoot Abby never ceases to amaze me. Now the three of us are off to contact Barefoot Lady Blackhawk to pick us up on our pilgrimage to visit and reflect upon a long-fallen comrade: the venerable Barefoot Lady Jane, who has been gone for years now but she has most assuredly not been forgotten by any of us. Perhaps this excursion may provide the enlightenment we are all so desperately seeking to face the darkness that lies in the days, months, and years ahead.

St. Patrick's Day and Barefoot Lady Jane.


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