Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day and Barefoot Lady Jane.

This is Barefoot Lady Jane. She was the Swamp Thing of the Victorian Age of the 1800s. She confronted white slavery and abuse of children when she first came into being in early industrial England. She studied mysticism during the twilight years of Barefoot Lady Johanna Constantine. She took to horseback riding and vigilantism, and was associated in membership with the Justice Brigade of the American Old West. She later joined the Parliament of Trees and was devoted to their standards for well over 95 years. For the last decade she has been lost to us. Tormented in a hellish fate inflicted by the archangel known only as the Word, who himself had been since slain. Now she has mysteriously rematerialized, but not in the burned out Amazon jungle where she had fallen. Barefoot Lady Jane's currently in Sussex, England. She is very much alive, but in a restful state perhaps never to awaken. She is believed to be a sculpture, commonly referred to as "The Sleeping Giant." But I know she dwells within that idle form. Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Suzy and I went there today to pay our respects on a pilgrimage to this site. As I had hoped, Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy have come to greater resolves in their discussions over Barefoot Lady Jane. All the doubts, fears, regrets, and terrors they face today were also dealt with by Barefoot Lady Jane long ago. She is proving to be an inspiration to the barefoot women present here. Except for our barefoot lady pilot, Barefoot Lady Blackhawk who is merely disappointed she didn't collect bottles of the healing mud on our last flight, claiming that one mud bath had been the best body soap, facial, and shampoo she'd ever had, and that there is no such prize to be found here. It was a good way to spend St. Patrick's Day, and tonight Barefoot Zinda intends to take Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy to Ireland to partake of the Luck of the Irish night life. I have since returned home to await the beautiful barefoot women's arrival here in the swamp tomorrow or later. Barefoot Lady Jane remains an issue that is unresolved. But in her case, that is for the best. She is alive again and slumbering beautifully. She is completely at peace now. That is what matters.

Barefoot Tefé: Pooling Her Resources.


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