Saturday, March 18, 2006

Barefoot Tefé: Pooling Her Resources.

Barefoot Tefé has some good news concerning her desire to buy a car to share with her beautiful barefoot lesbian lover, Barefoot Zaina:

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"I'll make this one short and sweet, Dad. I did it! I have enough cash transferred to my bank account back home to start buying Barefoot Zaina's car when we get back to Houma! Who would have thought pool cleaning in Rio would pay off so well? People party like crazy down here in Brazil and a lot of underwater pool filters needed my attention. Add that to my nude beach modeling and all my online entertainment videos, my shell and pearl free-diving profits, my painting, the arts and crafts I sold at Mardi Gras, all the sexy pole sport championship winnings, the nude dancing and mud wrestling tournaments I always do at the clubs, the massages I give at the nudist resort, and with all my underwater pool cleaning done I come up with at least two hundred left after the down payment. How cool is that? I'm so excited for Barefoot Zaina, it's her first car of her own. She says it's mine too, but I'll make her do all the driving, because I don't care at all for being behind a wheel. All I care about is this will make Barefoot Zaina happy, and maybe someday this year or next, she'll be ready to accept the truth about me and I'll introduce you to her. Until then, I'm just going to be as easygoing with her as possible before trying to go on the level about you again. Damn, I'm good. Since this is National Forgive Mom and Dad Day, let me say everything's clear with us, okay? Love you, Dad! See you on Monday, Barefoot Tefé."

I cannot express the pleasure this news has brought to me.
Barefoot Tefé's emotional problems seem to be resolved at this time.
I am quite satisfied she has managed to fit in to her new life so wonderfully.

Sunday Fishing With My Barefoot Naturist Friends.


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