Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Fishing With My Barefoot Naked Survivalist Friends.

Barefoot Louise-Marie, quite a catch for her husband Jean.

I went net fishing with my new Cajun friends I met last weekend, Jean and Barefoot Louise-Marie de Le Beau this morning. The couple have taken out a loan to replace their hurricane-damaged house with a new house-boat, and tomorrow the down payment is due before some one else picks it up. They desperately need to catch and sell fresh fish at the market today, lest they be saddled with interest charges. That's where I came in. They told me no one makes demands of the Good Gumbo Man. But they remembered my kindness and asked for the favor of my divine blessing on today's fishing effort. I offered my help. They were overjoyed and grateful. Barefoot Louise-Marie's pretty smile contrasted perfectly on her typically extremely dirty survivalist camper's face. She soon plunged her completely grime-darkened nude body into the cool drink. She desperately needed the bath after sleeping so many nights naked in the mud, away from the water, as well as needing the exercise. She looked much better getting clean during her swim, of course. Yes indeed, she was having the time of her life! While she was adjusting the nets illuminated under Jean's flashlight, I took this splendid picture of her with my digital camera. Barefoot Abby will be quite impressed with the picture, for the Cajun Folk have been kind to her over the years. When the couple had finished their work swimming and were back to driving the boat, I remained underwater and began the process of attracting the reluctant fish and shrimp toward the nets. Success! Now all they have to concern themselves with is the effort and responsiblity of hauling it all safely to market. But first I had to get them to stop thanking me and praising my name. Now they can live happily on the water, and never have to sleep in the dirt again. Good for them. It's good to have friends that revere me so deeply. But essentially, I am merely trying to be as human as they are. I have helped them when they needed it most, and that is what is so important to understand.

Weekend Tour of Ireland: An Update From Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy.


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