Friday, March 24, 2006

Barefoot Tefé Had A Very Busy Week.

Barefoot Tefé's Young Life Is Working Out, Swimmingly.

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Hey, Dad. Had a hell of a lot to do these past few days. I have to thank you for having Barefoot Suzy hang out at Mom's house all week. She really saved my sexy nude butt on catching me up on my stupid homework. Good thing she's so highly intelligent, because I hate studying all the time. The things you have to do to graduate! Mom's been really nice to me too, even sold some of the plants in the backyard to help me pay off Barefoot Zaina's car. Brought in more than I thought. That's just awesome. Then Mom sat me down and had me paint some more stuff, sold the pictures and cashed that into my account. Mom says I'm creative and I need to recognize that. Whatever. As you can see in the above pic, my bare breasts are really starting to fill-out really well now, making my nude pole dancing nights I do at the clubs, and at the international pole sport championships I've been competing in,--all the more interesting! Mom's also impressed, and she's staying in pretty damn good shape for her age, too. She's still sexy as hell, just like me. It's time we picked us out a decent nude modeling agency. Pemberton Studios in California's still a bunch of crooks. Troy-Anders in New York went under a few years back. That leaves the really big one: McCabe International. Mom says McCabe's always treated her well-- so that's what we'll go with. And the escort business is booming. When I graduate, there will be plenty more time for the high-end clients. Wealthy elite gentlemen do prefer sexy healthy young barefoot platinum blondes, after all. Money won't be a problem for this naturist barefoot swamp girl. Nothing's going to cramp my style in this life! Anyway, I went to a nude pool party after school, cleaned it out for free just because I'm beautiful and I don't want the other barefoot girls to be jealous of me, blah blah. Another day in the life of Barefoot Tefé Holland. But it's all worth it because of Barefoot Zaina. It's just good to feel wanted. I'm so tired out. It's so insane, living like this. That's normal life for me. It's a good National Family Day, even if I don't have time to dive into the swamp and swim on out to see you. I'm so exhausted, if I tried to make the long swim, I'd probably either fucking drown and/or get eaten by another one of those God-damned fucking alligators, assuming I somehow couldn't get my Barefoot Queen of The Jungle hunting knife off my nude waist-chain fast enough to kill it, or simply hold my damn breath for long enough, like I must always do to survive those treacherous underwater battles with the wildlife predators of the swamp, so I can surface in one piece, stay beautiful, and stay on top of the damn food chain! And then there's all those hidden volcanic mud pits I tend to sink into. Not every good mud bath I dive into out in the swamp is planned. Sometimes it's just oozing between my always barefoot toes and then I suddenly just fall in and go right on down completely under the mud with barely time to grab a good breath, and the mud just fills up my mouth, gets all in my ears, and right up my fucking little nose. It's great! The adrenaline, the emotions, the feminine sensuality of natural submission, and the elation of assertively struggling to swim out while still submerged, and ultimately succeeding, emerging, and surviving! And recovering myself. And standing right up on my own two always bare feet again. Damn, if that doesn't make me feel like a sensual and all-natural barefoot woman! Pure survival. It's better than sex! Even if all that mud is great for my skin and for cleansing for my long fine hair, and the necessary breath-holds for all those sudden dunkings that always happen when I go completely under and I have to swim out and not panic, it really helps my endurance and strength and stamina and all, but still... Is it any wonder all those city slickers are always so creeped out by these beautiful swamps? Yeah, I know you're proud of me for my newfound experience of taking care of myself, completely naked and unafraid, out in the swamps without powers. It's totally worth it to stand on my own two healthy pedicured dirty-soled feminine bare feet, but doing all that--surviving against all those odds--it's not particularly easy sometimes, even if I love the swamps with all my heart and soul. I do love the beaches just as much, and they are a whole lot safer place to be and for a sensual barefoot girl to swim and sun-bathe her naked body to just relax and get a good nude tan, you know? I'm only human now that my powers are gone, for now. Sometimes it's just better to kick back and sip margaritas on the beach and submissively have memorable sex in the sea and sun with one of my wealthier client masters especially now that those rich successful gentlemen know better than to ever marry. Hey, a high-end escort's got to find time bring home the money too! My beauty sleep and personal refreshment comes first. I need to retire young and beautiful and wealthy and successful myself someday, before hitting that dreaded deadline wall. Yes, it really is that important. Hope you understand. Time for my total body and hair massage. Takes a while to wash the massage oil conditioner out of my long-ass head of gorgeous white hair. Later, Barefoot Tefé."

Beautiful Barefoot Tefé's progress is most gratifying. She is improving rapidly. This is a positive experience most rewarding for me to bear witness.
May she never fall again, and always make me so very proud.

Playing Golf With Detective Chimp.


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