Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Barefoot Black Orchid: Possessed By The Demon Nebiros!

Terrifying news tonight arrived from the Shadowpact:

re: Demon-Man Dan, Hell's Blue Devil-Man wrote:

"Swamp Thing. We got some serious problems here! Barefoot Suzy tagged along with the Shadowpact, as we set out to find a suitable magical method to trackdown the Barefoot Power Girl, Barefoot Lady Nightshade, and the others who seem to be abducted, rather than killed off. I say it's that damned Society of Villains that's murdered so many of our greatest friends. Nightmaster, the Barefoot Enchantress, Ragman and the Chimp aren't so sure about that. I'm outvoted here. Anyway, Barefoot Suzy said she's back and she'll work with us on this, whether she's one of us or not. Good, I said. Without Barefoot Lady Nightshade, we're a member short anyway. Barefoot Enchantress took us to this old castle in Transylvania, straight out of Dracula. She worked up a spell that could have taken us to where the missing heroes are, assuming they're still alive. While she was casting, Felix Faust popped up out of nowhere and shouted he was going to have his revenge. He blasted me with a mystical bolt and Barefoot Suzy picked up my trident [I dropped it.] and she got ready to charge him with it. Having planned it this way, Faust cast a spell that forced her to invoke Nebiros with my magical pitch fork. Before I could grab her mouth and shut her up, she gone and did it. Barefoot Black Orchid is now possessed, proclaimed herself as the "Barefoot Dark Hellchid" and then she stabbed me with my own trident, right through the chest! Pinned to the floor and bleeding out fire, I was helpless to protect the rest of the Shadowpact from her. She asked me if I was more to her liking sexually for now that she was a barefoot demon-girl. I told Nebiros to go back to Hell and leave my barefoot girfriend alone. The Barefoot Dark Hellchid said she was just getting started. Nightmaster charged her with his sword, but she knocked the weapon out of his hand and kicked his ass to the floor unconscious as he tried to retrieve it. She had this big claw hand and was just about to cut off Barefoot Enchantress's head with it, but ended up nearly gutting Ragman instead, who gallantly jumped in the way to protect his favorite barefoot witch. Now that's a man! Detective Chimp went running scared at this point. The Barefoot Dark Hellchid chased after the little monkey in her flight. Short and hairy ditched her, then made his way back to the rest of us, just after Felix Faust had his last laugh at our expense and disappeared. Chimp has no idea where Barefoot Suzy went, but we can all guess she's up to no good, as she's being possessed by Nebiros and all. Chimp did get this picture of her before she left when all the lightning started. It's all we've got. Good thing we still have you looking after us, as our big-shot ace in the swamps. You fought off Nebiros' possession, several years before I became Blue Devil. You know how to fight him when he pulls this kind of thing. We can only keep Barefoot Enchantress [who's pretty pissed off right now] from casting a spell that will kill Barefoot Suzy and send her to Hell with Nebiros only for so long. You're the only hope Barefoot Suzy has left. Get ready for us. We'll come get you and then you'll ride with us, soon as we make sure Ragman's gonna be okay. His costume's healing him. The hole in my chest is almost fixed itself, so I'm all good here. Hang in there and don't freak on us. Devil, gone."

re: Jim Rook, the Nightmaster wrote:

"Time is of the essence, Swamp Thing. Be prepared. Jim."

re: The Chimp Who Can Solve All Your Problems wrote:

"Get ready to haul grass, spinach head. Your barefoot hottie purple sidekick's got blood on her bare hands. She's in for it big time, if you blow this one and let her down. So you better get it right on this gig. See you in a little bit, Chimp."

My possession by Nebiros in 1975 cost Father Jonathan Bliss his life and his soul as he took the demon into his own frail form, which burned in the exorcism to save me and the world from Armageddon. Now Barefoot Suzy is possessed by the evil monstrosity. I must not fail to save her, no matter what occurs. The Shadowpact are here. It is time for my departure. I will report more on this later.

Our Demonic Armageddon Battle With The Barefoot Dark Hellchid.


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