Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Our Demonic Armageddon Battle With The Barefoot Dark Hellchid.

The Shadowpact and I fought an extremely violent battle with the Barefoot Dark Hellchid today. We were in Bucharest, Romania--and the conflict took place under the foreboding omen of a solar eclipse. [the sign of the Shadowpact's nemesis, Eclipso] The menacing creature who was once my beloved young barefoot protégée, Barefoot Suzy, the Barefoot Black Orchid was now the demon-possessed fiendish barefoot archvillainess known to us as the Barefoot Dark Hellchid. After the eclipse lapsed we were joined later in the evening, shortly before sunset, by the Phantom Stranger who warned us that if this battle did not end soon, there would be dire consequences. This enraged Blue Devil, for he wanted the monster captured alive, to extract and save his barefoot lover, Barefoot Suzy. He told the Stranger to go to Hell and this is how we left him.

The battle continued across many Romanian provinces, it completely levelled the Transylvanian village in which my barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby was born. In the long-abandoned and obliterated ruins of Castle Arcane, in the mountains high above, our endgame came into play. Having adapted myself to the Barefoot Dark Hellchid's mystic flames, I overtook and restrained her. Blue Devil pinned her lithe nude body to me harmlessly with his trident. Then, the Barefoot Enchantress was at last able to perform the exorcism, at no risk to herself or anyone present. The demonic entity inhabiting the nude Dryadic nymph barefoot superheroine vanished, and Barefoot Suzy's true and non-threatening features re-emerged. Her purple-magenta color returned to her nude body, her eyes steamed harmlessly once more. Her mind and emotions returned to normal. Bewildered, Barefoot Suzy asked what was happening. Blue Devil told her it was over and she was safe now. The young couple kissed and we all felt immense relief that this had all ended well. I have returned back home to the swamp now. I will be heading to Barefoot Abby's house to celebrate this precious victory, with my beloved barefoot wife. It's good to be home after a job well done.

The Barefoot Black Orchid and Blue Devil. Will True Love Prevail?


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