Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Night With Barefoot Poison Ivy.

Barefoot Poison Ivy visited me again tonight. She waited until Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Suzy, and Barefoot Cassie returned to Barefoot Abby's house before appearing. Barefoot Ivy wanted to know when her training would begin. I told her to have patience, for that is the way of the Green. She told me to forget about that. Barefoot Ivy was fearful of Woodrue and wanted to be as far away from him as possible, when he is to be broken out of prison by his fellow villains.
I confessed some concern about this myself, having witnessed the demise of Barefoot Lady Star Sapphire at the Spectre's merciless hands, last Wednesday evening--and with her--Woodrue's last tether to humanity has expired. I told Barefoot Ivy that to achieve her goals in this life by the Green, she must be brave and selfless. She pondered over this for a moment and sat down calmly and unafraid. She swore not to leave until the danger presented itself. Sensing her ease, I complimented her on the ivy foliage in her swept-back lush red hair and the attractiveness of her green-skinned nude body, as is her traditional style. She said her practical nude appearance in the wild is essential, yet she has no intention of being seen by anyone here, save myself. She does well to cover her barefoot tracks, or to merge them with Barefoot Abby's own barefoot walking paths down to the water, often swimming and hiding underwater for Barefoot Ivy to keep a low profile. Hence the meaning of her clandestine late night appearances before me. She wanted to increase her powers exponentially, to use them against humankind in more effective ways to stop man's destruction of the Green. I explained to her the heavy burden this would carry, that she must be prepared. I offered her a tuber. She greedily snatched it, smiling insanely. Barefoot Ivy said she was waiting all her life for this. As she ate, she stood and danced barefoot in a round circle, splashing about in the shallow waters with her always bare feet, her hair and her large round bare breasts bouncing, as though awaiting something grand and magnificent. What she experienced was far different. The visions were mostly terrifying, filled with betrayals and pain. She dropped onto her nude backside into the shallow water, crying. I helped her up and told her the visions would become benevolent ones, given a more righteous path. She told me she would not give up, not on this. I gave her my approval and told her she was dismissed for the night. Barefoot Ivy plunged her beautiful green nude body down into the drink with a light splash, the scattered leaves thus removed from her now-submerged long hair underwater floated up and spread out elegantly across the surface, to mark her departure tonight. She swam swiftly underwater back on to her hidden dwelling. I thought this situation over some more, submerging myself to watch her graceful athletic nude underwater swimming. Barefoot Poison Ivy now understands her first important lesson. But she still has so much more to learn...

Romantic Intrigue In The Shadowpact.


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