Monday, April 10, 2006

Romantic Intrigue In The Shadowpact.

Blue Devil's Affair With Barefoot Lady Nightshade.
What Is The Barefoot Black Orchid To Do?

Barefoot Suzy e-mailed me today, with her increasingly growing concerns that Blue Devil may be falling in love with his fellow Shadowpact teammate, the Barefoot Lady Nightshade.

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Now I know it to be true, Alec... Dan Cassidy and Barefoot Eve Eden are having an affair. Normally, this kind of thing wouldn't concern me, but they've been gone all weekend. Against my better judgment, I had the Chimp look into it, since the nosy primate investigator was prying into my life again anyway. He asked Barefoot June Moone, the Barefoot Enchantress to help him catch up with them, since Barefoot Eve and Barefoot June have a telepathic bond. They did so late last night. Blue Devil and Barefoot Lady Nightshade were found at the Inferno Omega Nightscape, an exclusive hotspot for the supernatural elite. I'm told Barefoot Lady Nightshade's nude goth attire was cutting edge, as even her barefoot anklets and toe-rings had spikes on them! The Chimp got a couple of photos, before the Barefoot Enchantress had to get him out of there, since animals always end up on the menu, even familiars or odd variations like the Chimp. Make no mistake, Blue Devil and Barefoot Lady Nightshade looked mad enough to turn him over to management. Sometimes I wonder why I even associate with these people. I know we agreed to distance ourselves from emotional attachments, but this affair Daniel's having with Barefoot Eve seems pretty serious to me. The Chimp says I should be with somebody else. Get Daniel to notice me. I just don't feel like it. By the way, since I didn't call in any favors, the Chimp gave me his explosively steep bill to cover his heavy tabs. *Gasp!* What a shock! Now I wish I hadn't parted with my fortune. My problems are getting all the more complicated, and I don't know where to turn. Blue Devil is still mine. Someday we'll prove that. But then, true love always requires a certain madness to see it through, doesn't it? I'm holding on tight, and I'm never giving up here. I promise you, I will get the last word in on all of this. All my best, Barefoot Suzy."

The surprises never end when it comes to Barefoot Suzy and her dealings with the Shadowpact, it would seem.

Detective Chimp's Depression.


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