Saturday, April 08, 2006

Game On!

At last, today there came another golf game. The five barefoot contestants were myself, Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Suzy, Barefoot Cassie Sandsmark, and Detective Chimp. We invited Barefoot Tefé to join in, but golf isn't her game. Barefoot Tefé stayed around just long enough to watch the Chimp make the opening shot, while she flirted around with Barefoot Cassie for a spell. Then Barefoot Tefé left us to spend the rest of her leisurely day with Barefoot Zaina.
The rest of us got our minds into the game. The Chimp decided to call the game "best two-out-of-three" giving each of us several chances to come back into the game. Barefoot Abby's game was highly interesting. While possessing neither super-strength nor extraordinary physical skills, her innovative style of playing carried her far into the game. And in addition, the fact Barefoot Abby is such a good sport and cheering everyone on so often, [even the Chimp] kept things pleasant, fresh and exciting. The Barefoot Black Orchid was wise to the Chimp's trickery. Barefoot Suzy did her level best to avoid distraction and made the finals. The Barefoot Wonder Girl also held up pretty well. Her grief over her loved one was subsiding just enough to allow Barefoot Cassie to concentrate and perform extremely well in the semi-finals. This game was dedicated to Conner Kent, after all. When Barefoot Cassie ended her game, Barefoot Abby gave her a hug and told her she did great, to which Barefoot Suzy added further compliments. In the finals, it was all down to the Swamp Thing, the Barefoot Orchid, and the Chimp. To our total surprise, the Chimp managed to outplay Barefoot Suzy fairly, and to that she asked him why he cheated in their previous match. "It was a week night. I was in a hurry." He remarked. Barefoot Suzy certainly didn't appreciate hearing this. Most irritating behavior from the Chimp. Still, he was playing fair today, and I faced him in the final match. Now the barefoot women were cheering me on, and I couldn't let them down. I had to win against the Chimp's impressive competition. Making one of his patented "Chimp-Shots", he came close to making the final hole. Alas, he did not. Now it was my final turn. One last chance to make this work. I put everything that Barefoot Abby taught me to good use. No observation went unnoticed. I took the club firmly, but not too tightly in my hands. Then I drove the ball carefully with the club. And in, it went. Yes. I won! As I tossed my golf club to the ground in victory, the lovely bare feet of three beautiful barefoot women I adored so today excitedly jumped and danced festively around it, as their beautiful feminine nude bodies embraced me, and I received a lot of hugging and praise. The Chimp began to bitterly pound his own club into the earth in some utter frustration. Such a sore loser the poor Chimp is.. But he'll live. Yes, today was even more fun than the previous game. For now I'm certain Conner Kent is smiling in his final reward at all of us.

Later, Barefoot Abby and I were joined in one of the empty pools in the naturist resort by our friend Barefoot Cassandra Sandsmark.
She smiled sweetly at us, her fully tanned nude body and slick wet blonde hair gleaming, as she emerged beautifully from the water wearing only her silver wrist bracer-cuffs and red star ear-rings.

The heroic Barefoot Wonder Girl informed us she was going on a long and dangerous quest to resurrect her lost love, as befits a legendary brave barefoot demigoddess such as herself. The young beautiful barefoot lady asked for the blessing of our realm, as she gave us her consent for both of us to make love to her. My barefoot wife and I proudly did so, as we all three submerged comfortably beneath the water and we began to have glorious threesome sex with Zeus' youngest barefoot daughter, for she is the newest beautiful barefoot superheroine to join my great sexual entourage of barefoot lady courtesans. Hopefully, someday soon, with Barefoot Cassie's divine determination, young Conner Kent will return and his final reward won't be so final, after all...

A Night With Barefoot Poison Ivy.


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