Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Aftermath.

The Batman arrived after dusk this evening. He'd previously sent me all relative information to my laptop before his arrival. Following the final battle today depicted in the picture above, the crashed and grounded Brother Eye satellite is now destroyed, the OMAC Project menace over, thanks in due part to a capable agent of Checkmate named Barefoot Sasha Bordeaux, a trusted associate of the Batman that he holds in very high regard. The Batman said that he wanted to clear up any differences he and I have ever had, before he went away. I asked him if he meant to retire? He said not substantially, and not anytime soon, but yes, he will in due time need to make preparations for an eventual leave of absence. He gestured to the other end of the glade. Into the clearing stepped Barefoot Poison Ivy, whom I already sensed was there, but made no move against, in sensing no threat or purpose. Barefoot Ivy reclined her lithe green beautiful nude body and her long red hair harmlessly against a tree. The Batman told me now that he had questioned her about the rumored jailbreak and the increasingly large gathering of villains in Metropolis that the Batman and Superman would deal with next upon his departure, he was leaving Barefoot Ivy in my capable hands. She will not interfere in my affairs and is to be properly trained in the ways of the Green. He will not hold any of Barefoot Ivy's future actions against me after she should take her leave of my domain.
For the Batman now trusts in my judgment. He believes my influence will make Barefoot Ivy complete, and that kind of sanity is something she will never attain locked away in Arkham Asylum. The Batman departed in his Batplane shortly thereafter. Barefoot Ivy said she would stay out of my way until called for. She was in the mood for a late night swim to her favorite stream island in the Gulf. Barefoot Ivy splashed down into the drink nearby, her beautiful nude body swam gracefully underwater until out of my sight. She'll return sometime soon, I'm sure of it. In the past, training Barefoot Poison Ivy would have seemed unlikely. Now the challenge seems almost reasonable, given the scale of recent events.

A Hero's Funeral Honored In Smallville.


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