Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Miami: A City Of Vampires?

Barefoot Risa Del Toro.
A Barefoot Vampiress Who Knows No Bounds.

Vampires. How I detest these undead creatures of the night. Their propensity to adapt and grow as if they were living beings never ceases to astound me. The Rosewood Vampires, for example, in time adapted to water, creating a formidable menace that I was forced to confront directly on two horrifying occasions I would much rather forget. Now it is clear that rumors from a decade ago that sunlight-defying vampires exist in Miami Beach, Florida in fact basis of truth. The Barefoot Black Orchid has walked nude across the fine line of subterfuge to bring us her rare look at one such vampire: intriguingly dangerous Barefoot Risa Del Toro, and the question that must be asked on this Revolutionary Patriot's Day: Are undead vampires deserving of American liberties?

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec, as you know I'm in Miami seeking out to find the so-called daylight vampires and to distinguish them from their otherwise normal, and living, counterparts in the youth Goth movement. As you might suspect, the true vampires are as seemingly youthful as their impersonators. To break ground with Barefoot Risa Del Toro, the most influential real vampire in the city, I had to spend the last couple of days with the barefoot woman I was to reign-in and replace. Barefoot Carrie Stein was very agreeable and cooperative, given the proper pheromone-induced incentive. Taking her place was a cinch. Once I'd interalized my botanical evaporation, and copied enough of Barefoot Carrie's overall hue, nude body jewelry fashions, and personality traits, then I set out to meet Barefoot Risa. Her people kept me waiting until nearly dawn, when a torrential downpour started and I gave up on her coming, but there she was. Barefoot Risa arrived when this fake squad car with flashing lights drove up. She stepped right out and she danced nude seductively for me in the rain, wrapped herself in a no-crossing line. I'll have to admit, she put on a damn good show! I laughed. Maybe to stay in character, or perhaps legitimately. Who's to say, really? Anyway--the rain didn't affect her nude body at all, not any more than the sunlight at the nude beach we were at yesterday had. This vampire strain is immune to sunlight, running water, and just about everything else! Can you believe it? So I privately entertained Barefoot Risa for the rest of the morning, throwing in the occasional question where it seemed appropriate. Most of the time she wasn't listening, obviously.
By midday, there were police asking questions. Again, discretion seemed the way to go. When the cops were gone, I went as ballistic as Barefoot Carrie would have done. Barefoot Risa reacted accordingly, with all the expectedly dire vampirical threats. No fooling, Barefoot Risa is as totally scary as her reputation. I'm just relieved she didn't bite me! She would have found out who and what I really am and probably killed me, if she'd done that. But I still managed to fool her. Thrown out, I rushed back to Barefoot Carrie, still whyling the time away in the walk-in space I'd left her in. Putting her back on track, I'd updated Barefoot Carrie the very best I could. Then I told her, very sweetly to forget me. Writing myself back out of the story, so to speak, I just sat back and watched the rest play out. The transmitter I'd left in Barefoot Carrie's sweats told the story. She was definitely turning on Barefoot Risa, all right. And yes, Barefoot Risa may very well have been out last night with no alibi. The detectives could have an open and shut case. If this wasn't Barefoot Risa Del Toro. I'd go into more detail but this is all very sensitive. Better to leave this to my contacts to keep watch on this situation as it develops. Tell Barefoot Abby, Miami's off her moving options, as of now. If she'd enjoyed her stay in Los Angeles well enough with the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer, I'd suggest moving there, if not for your needs. Far be it from me to give you orders, but please consider harvesting the Prison Tree. That would give us all some peace of mind. I'm going to take the next couple of days off. I'll be joining you for Earth Day, take care. Sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

No measure has went to waste here, as far I can see. Barefoot Suzy's report bears witness to the fact the vampire integration going underway in Miami will take its course regardless of any action on our part. Perhaps we may have to rethink our positions on our stances. There will be no harvest of the Prison Tree, just as there will be no purging of Miami's vampire minority. Still, I detest vampirism, much as I do King Toad. For reasons entirely and quietly of my own.

Barefoot Poison Ivy's Progress.


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