Monday, April 17, 2006

Barefoot Abby Meets The Barefoot Lady Bulleteer!

Barefoot Alix Irwin-Harrower, who is now known as the barefoot superheroine called the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer, was one of the many learning-disabled children that Barefoot Abby had worked with in a mentoring program, several years ago. Barefoot Alix went on to live a much-valid mainstream life as an adult, thanks in due part to Barefoot Abby's exceptional encouragement and support. Not surprisingly, the recently-widowed Barefoot Alix worked in a similar mentoring profession as well as being a barefoot lady supermodel and a capable barefoot lady aquatic-athlete. However, shortly after her 27th birthday, her obsessive scientist husband Lance Harrower rushed into forbidden experiments to create superheroes out of himself and his beautiful barefoot wife. As would be the tragedy, Lance died, leaving his young barefoot wife seemingly cursed with this unwanted condition as the sad result. However, Barefoot Alix has made the most of her situation. She now calls herself the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer. She has begun the life of the barefoot superheroine her husband had wanted for her. However, events led to a confrontation between the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer and her late husband's seductive barefoot female stalker, the immortal Barefoot Sally Sonic, who similarly lured the lonely Barefoot Alix into a trap. Now being held for assault following the barefoot women's battle, Barefoot Alix has called upon Barefoot Abby as a character witness to prove her self-defense measures against her gravely wounded opponent were not intentional. Fortunately, Barefoot Abby has spent the weekend in California, following Barefoot Lady Jade's funeral and will gladly once more come to support her young barefoot lady friend. Barefoot Abby's uncertain about Barefoot Alix's mental state however, given her admission to seeing the foreboding apparition of deceased western hero Greg Saunders, the Vigilante. Ghost sightings are not uncommon these days as I could tell you, but Barefoot Abby's certain the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer will be cleared of all charges in a couple of days, despite the haunting. Let us hope Barefoot Alix's problems will begin to subside enough for Barefoot Abby to return home soon.

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