Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Resurrection of Barefoot Lady Jade: An Easter Miracle!

The Ghost of Barefoot Lady Jade. Is She Dead or Alive?

Now it is confirmed. The spirit of Barefoot Jennie-Lynn Hayden-Scott, the barefoot superheroine named Barefoot Lady Jade, is not at rest. She is still active in this universe. The heroic barefoot woman's apparition appeared before me tonight. I bid this ghost of the highly-esteemed barefoot lady welcome to my domain. She spoke, seeking my counsel. Neither the man called Ion, nor her other loved ones could see her now, and she confessed her loneliness. She said only I am able to behold her in her present state. She does not believe herself to be dead. She desires, very strongly and determinedly, to return to the flesh, and to truly live again. This was an awe-inspiring moment, but one not long to last. I told Barefoot Lady Jade to have faith, that in time Ion would collect her mortal remains and facilitate her resurrection. She must essentially believe in this elemental ability that will one day arise in humanity. Barefoot Lady Jade said she must rejoin Ion. She will never forget what I have said, and she will hold on strongly to her faith. When she departed for the stars once more, I felt a small measure of peace. Someday, Barefoot Lady Jade will return to us again. All the power she needs is to retain her willingness, faith and hope.

Barefoot Abby Meets The Barefoot Lady Bulleteer!


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