Saturday, April 15, 2006

Barefoot Lady Jade's Funeral Festival.

Barefoot Lady Jade. A Beautiful Barefoot Female Soul Now Departed.

Barefoot Lady Jade's memorial was more a celebration of her life and past than a sad parting. The Justice Society and Outsiders went to great lengths to make this assembly one of great festivity. There was food, music, dancing, singing, and pleasant sporting to be seen. Barefoot Lady Jade's history and personal life was made known, bringing the spirits of the heroes and families who attended, up rather than down. Indeed, it seemed as if Barefoot Lady Jade herself willed everyone to make merry upon this occasion--and a good time was had by all. I shall never forget the positive impact Barefoot Jennie-Lynn Hayden-Scott has had on the superhero community. And on everyone in this world, in general. Whatever her present state, may she be forever blessed. So says the Earth Elemental.

The Resurrection of Barefoot Lady Jade: An Easter Miracle!


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