Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day Celebration.

A Day For The Earth, Family, And Friends..

Today was Earth Day. Everyone took part in the festivites, even Barefoot Poison Ivy. After grooming her bright lush red hair, adorning it with pretty flower petals and leaves, Barefoot Ivy stretched her beautiful green lean nude body and said she was ready. I led Barefoot Ivy out of her solitude with new intent to officially induct her into the family. I started out the morning slowly, introducing her to Jordan Schiller first. With his typical old man's humor, Schiller stated his preference in today's meeting, for Barefoot Poison Ivy's much easier on the eyes than Frankenstein.

She is well exotic and quite beautiful--indeed!
Barefoot Ivy was already losing her patience, but she became more interested in elderly Schiller, upon learning of his connection to Alec Holland's past and my present. Then came the uneasy encounter of Barefoot Poison Ivy with the other barefoot women in my life. Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Tefé, and Barefoot Suzy arrived, regarding Barefoot Ivy with their fully expected suspicions of her intents. I negotiated a truce, for Barefoot Ivy has never harmed any of them directly. Barefoot Tefé admitted her share of mistakes and insisted upon giving Barefoot Ivy the benefit of the doubt. Barefoot Abby and the Barefoot Black Orchid gave their assent. Barefoot Poison Ivy is now considered to be one of us, a part of the family, as is Jordan Schiller. Taking the frail Schiller into my arms, I gestured for all four of the beautiful healthy nude barefoot women to follow. The pleasant barefoot hike to Lake Pontchartrain, proved most acceptable to the family entourage, as not a complaint was heard from anyone save Schiller, who was suffering from minor back pain. When we arrived at the lake, I set Schiller down and Barefoot Suzy went to work in helping him. Barefoot Tefé spotted Barefoot Lady Blackhawk's plane. Barefoot Abby raced our barefoot daughter to the aircraft, beating Barefoot Tefé to it. Barefoot Abby's practice of running well on her always bare feet, in addition to bicycling, golfing, and swimming are keeping her in excellent shape. Still, Barefoot Tefé's now the better climber due to her youth. Barefoot Tefé ascended the plane and waved into it's closed cockpit, despite Barefoot Abby's protest of Barefoot Tefé's indiscretion. This was so amusing, even Barefoot Ivy laughed accordingly. Once Barefoot Abby had Barefoot Tefé taken aside, the airplane's hatch opened and we greeting our guests. Those in attendance: Barefoot Lady Blackhawk, the Barefoot Black Canary, the Barefoot Huntress, James and Barefoot Barbara Gordon, Alan Scott, Todd Rice-Scott, Hawkman, the Barefoot Hawkgirl, Barefoot Rose Psychic, the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer, the Barefoot Lady Starfire, Barefoot Raven, Firestorm, Cyborg, Beast Boy, the Barefoot Wonder Girl, the Barefoot Supergirl, the Barefoot Stargirl, the Barefoot Power Girl, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy, the Barefoot Lady Vixen, Barefoot Zatanna, Animal Man, Adam Strange, Arsenal, Barefoot Donna Troy, Barefoot Grace Choi, the Nightmaster, the Barefoot Enchantress, the Barefoot Lady Nightshade, Blue Devil, and Detective Chimp. Barefoot Poison Ivy seemed nervous to be around so many heroes. I told her she would have to get used to it, if she truly wants a neutral existence. We then turned our attention to another exquisitely beautiful redheaded barefoot lady, our close friend Barefoot Barbara Gordon, as she prepared to momentarily abandon her wheelchair in favor of a relaxing healthy nude swim.

Barefoot Abby asked Barefoot Barbara when her wedding to Dick Grayson would be, but the resiliant handicapped barefoot woman said it was called off. Barefoot Abby asked why, but Barefoot Barbara gave no answer, merely that she was working on it. "Okay, enough sunning myself. Time to cool off and get my hair wet again!", she smiled, as she lifted her lean nude body with her therapy-strong arms, and threw herself from her seat on the edge of the dock into the deep cool water waiting below for a very beautiful underwater swim. Barefoot Abby and I both plunged into the water together and enjoyed swimming with her. Barefoot Barbara's arms-only swimming style is fascinating, but Barefoot Abby still had to give her better breath-holding techniques so she could stay underwater much longer, which she appreciated. When we returned from exploring the underwater caves, there were many grills, friers, and coolers that were put into place while food was prepared. Those not eating or conversing carried away levees out to nearby flood-zone areas and set out to work with them. Everyone had a plan on how to spend the day. Sometimes I forget how important scheduling is in the day-to-day existence of civilization. Barefoot Suzy asked Todd how his quest toward regaining his Obsidian powers was going. He replied he is already controlling his shadows, but is not yet ready to regain his shadow form nor is he prepared to wear his costume once more. Todd said it would take more time, but asked if once he's able to become Obsidian, would there be any room left for him in the Shadowpact. Todd liked the superteam's name. Barefoot Suzy told him making the Shadowpact was much more complicated than that. Their newest apprentice is undead! As Barefoot Abby conversed joyously with Adam Strange over grilled sandwiches, Barefoot Zatanna approached me and explained that all of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, except Woodrue, were now either on the loose or dead, those who lived were no longer under the influence of their second mindwipe. She told me to keep a close watch on Belle Reve as there would be no one else available to stop Woodrue. Barefoot Poison Ivy commented it was talk like this which made her want to be a villain in the first place. Barefoot Zatanna said nobody asked what she thought, and teleported away. Barefoot Ivy sighed. The Chimp told Barefoot Suzy that Blue Devil had been with several barefoot ladies since she's been gone and he's no longer going steady with Barefoot Lady Nightshade. The Chimp further suggested Barefoot Suzy might stand a chance of getting back together if she confronted Devil over his barefoot womanizing. Barefoot Suzy said she would rather see him in Hell, first. Chimp admitted for Blue Devil, that's an accurate judgment. Schiller asked Alan Scott how his magical power ring worked. Once it was explained that will power was the key, Schiller seemed more disappointed than impressed. Barefoot Tefé had a rousing talk with the Barefoot Wonder Girl and the Barefoot Stargirl during the barefoot girls' nude swim together. It was a good Earth Day celebration, but one to end all too soon. An alarm signaled from Barefoot Lady Blackhawk's plane. The Barefoot Black Canary told me it was time for everyone to leave, and she thanked me for being so considerate. Barefoot Abby hugged the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer and told her to be careful. Even the Barefoot Black Orchid boarded the plane before it shot off into the sky, leaving Schiller, Barefoot Ivy, my barefoot family and I to ponder over what this newest Crisis danger must be. Whatever it is, we know it will be dealt with.
This is Earth Day, after all.

Dr. Light, Woodrue's Escape, The Fate Of Belle Reve.


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