Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dr. Light, Woodrue's Escape, The Fate Of Belle Reve...

The Sinister Doctor Arthur Light.

Tonight, as I stood watch over Belle Reve Prison, a blinding light flashed overhead. Doctor Light appeared in the swamp and said the time has come for us to meet and do battle. I told him whatever his intentions, he will never break Jason Woodrue out of Belle Reve, nor be allowed to tamper with his mindwipe. "Never say never!", the sadistic supervillain replied threateningly, intent upon contemptably erasing the hard-fought good works of all heroes, myself included. Sensing he was brazenly present incarnate and not a hologram, I told him I would tear him apart first. Then, a band of shimmering light enveloped me. I dropped to my knees in excruciating pain. He said he knew all about my manifestation as an electromagnetic essence and that he could jam it. I tried altering my frequencies in the way an alien Green Lantern once showed me years ago. The effort did no good. "The bigger they are...", he laughed maniacally, as he stalked toward the prison. Within minutes, after he was out of sight, the prison emergency sirens blared loudly. Deadly lasers flashed outward from the penitentiary, and horrific screams of people monstrously slaughtered rang out. I was utterly outraged by this travesty, but still I could not move. Then the prison went completely dark. The glowing figure of Arthur Light was now accompanied by an all-too-familiar companion: Jason Woodrue! Right in front of me, Doctor Light told the Floronic Man that he'd been mindwiped twice over by his most hated enemies. That his encounters with me ultimately cost Woodrue his effectiveness and his sanity. That the Justice League permanently removed what little of Woodrue's dignity he had left. Then Doctor Light flashed an electrical charge at Woodrue, completely removing his mindwipe. I felt the Green shudder in fear. And still I could not move! Woodrue stared at me with a virulent hatred. He slashed my face with his monstrous talons on his clawed hands, tearing my features asunder. Screaming, he gashed at my chest with insane fury, the laptop went flying out, the digital camera taking the picture above of Light, who was impressed enough to prevent Woodrue for destroying my precious gift from Barefoot Abby. "No, let there be some record kept of his complete humiliation..." Light laughed as he guided Woodrue to a platform hidden in some brush nearby. The two monstrous madmen teleported away as I regained my mobility and connection to the Green. I could follow their trail now and slay them both, if need be. Light's voice seemed to appear out of nowhere and said, "A good criminal never leaves the scene of his crime intact." Without warning, underground explosions took place beneath the prison. So tremendous were the blasts that the coastline holding the facility on its marshy perch broke loose, dropping it completely into the gulf itself! Wasting no time, I abandoned my physical form and began my hasty and desperate rescue effort. All too late. Every one of the men and barefoot women working in the prison, the visitors, the inmates--all dead, save for a truck evacuating surviving key personel including prison administator Barefoot Amanda Waller and her helpless prisoner, Albert Rothstein (the former hero Atom-Smasher), who might have helped me save the doomed prison. The boundless corruptions and base stupidity of civilized authority are infuriating and relentless. Now alone, I had to restructure the bayou itself to account for this ecological disaster. Once my work was done, the trail of Woodrue and Light was cold. Never have I been so humiliated in a single defeat, not even by Arcane. This situation's more bleak and desperate than ever before.

The Batman's Rogues Gallery: Our Allies In This War?


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