Monday, April 24, 2006

The Batman's Rogues Gallery: Our Allies In This War?

Barefoot Poison Ivy waited at the foot of the runway I have created for aerial-traveling visitors. She shouted repeatedly into the open air, "He'll be here!" And sure enough as she stated it, the Batman's plane came in for a perfect landing, flying into the area at incredible speed. The Batplane moved faster this time than even Barefoot Lady Blackhawk's jet, I should say. Once the Dark Knight emerged from his Batplane, I was treated to the greatest shock of many seasons.
The Batman was accompanied by the Joker, Barefoot Harley Quinn, and Hush! Why would he keep such company with his most hated enemies? "Desperate times and desperate measures.", the Batman said grimly. The Joker laughed wildly and remarked that keeping his enemies closest is what the Batman does best. The Batman told him to shut up. The Dark Knight said the only way to stop the Society is to deal directly with those vile enough to reject and oppose them. "Some respect..?", Barefoot Poison Ivy suggested to the downtrodden masked hero, as she leaned her green beautiful nude body against his dark flowing cape. Barefoot Ivy was overjoyed to be reunited with Barefoot Harley Quinn, whose smile was rather unnerving, but not nearly so much as the Joker's hideously disfigured grin. It was clear that despite their differences, Barefoot Ivy and Barefoot Harley must love each other very much, as the lustrous barefoot women smiled, laughed, kissed, danced, and flirted together most eroticly.

The Joker laughed, "They're at it again! It's the same old situation!"
Hush, who'd been bested by both the Batman and the Joker recently, said: "All right, we're all in it together. Let's get this over with."
As I boarded the Batplane and became part of this dark unholy union, I began to think about Barefoot Abby. Am I not betraying my promise to her by doing this? No, I must deal with Woodrue to insure he never returns. This is the only way to do it. I tried to settle my mind as much as possible before take-off. But seated in-between such violent madmen as the Joker and Hush, peace of mind is nearly impossible. Gotham City, New Jersey-- Here I come, once more...

The Batcave.


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