Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Batcave.

I am presently situated in the Batcave tonight. Before coming here, the Batman dropped off the allied villains at their respective destinations. Employing a cloaking device that was modified from Brother Eye's technology, the Batplane entered Gotham unnoticed. Barefoot Poison Ivy was taken home to Robinson Park, there to await the Society's call to arms, if necessary. I cannot disclose the two secret locations to where Hush and the Joker were transported. For Barefoot Harley Quinn however, the Batman still had one remaining use. Barefoot Harley excused herself to go to the "Bat-Room." The Batman flipped a switch that allowed him to monitor. As expected, Barefoot Harley instead attempted to send a message to Alex Luthor via a sending set, hidden in her jester costume. The Batman jammed the signal, but was unable to trace where Barefoot Harley had sent the scrambled message, due to a bouncing frequency. The Batman rushed to the back of the plane and after a brief fight, he returned with Barefoot Harley safely subdued in shackles. Barefoot Harley was apparently quite pleased to be going home to kick back and watch her favorite cartoons. Her "home" as it turns out, was Arkham Asylum right below. The Batman landed his plane and turned Barefoot Harley over to the Arkham authorities. Then we were off again. We landed on a stretch of countryside that was quite well disguised with a holographic facade to cover the cloaked plane's descent into the earth. Within moments, the Batman and I were in the subterranean Batcave, which I have not seen since my time travels. This brings us to the present. The Batman's working facility is most remarkable. High-tech gadgets and equipment abound. The fabled mechanical dinosaur, the giant penny, a large Joker playing card, and many other such things were present, just as journalist Barefoot Vicki Vale had once described them long ago. The Batman offered a much-needed report that would help me in my search for Jason Woodrue. The Society is beginning to implement a series of breakouts across the nation. Belle Reve was only the start. Alcatraz, Arkham, Blackgate, Enclave M, the Slab, and several others are to be staged in a massive supervillain breakout. The Batman gave me a mission. Tomorrow, Lex Luthor is going to briefly visit his long-abandoned LexCorp tower. I am to meet with Luthor there in the Batman's place. The Batman believes an outsider such as myself might be able to turn Luthor to our side. Perhaps this strategy will bring about some results. I will report again tomorrow from Metropolis, Delaware with the latest of developments.

Lex Luthor: A Man Of Deadly Vision.


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