Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lex Luthor: A Man Of Deadly Vision.

The Batman and I went to the old LexCorp Tower this morning.
The Batcopter landed on the roof, and the Dark Knight activated its security features. We entered the complex via the rooftop without incident. Soon we arrived at the general station area and found the main office. Luthor, facing the windows with his back turned to us, bid us welcome. The Batman told me to handle this one for him, he had other places to be. The Dark Knight swiftly departed, and I faced Luthor alone. The bald and distinguished-looking man turned, smiled, and asked what he could do for any creature who was less than human such as myself. I told him I needed to know what his alternate reality counterpart ultimately wanted to achieve. What's Alex Luthor's purpose? Luthor activated a hologram, a globe of light appeared in his hand. As the bright rays of the sun shined on him, I produced my digital camera and took this picture of him, as the globe burst and many countless holographic supervillains exploded violently out. Dispensing with this illusion, Luthor stated that his young counterpart wants nothing more than to alter the course of modern history, if not all of reality itself. I asked why? To create the perfect Earth, Luthor suggested. A world that neither wants nor needs a Superman. A world where a Luthor can live in peace. I told Luthor that peace is not for one of such all-abiding ambition. Luthor responded that I was very perceptive for a legendary monster of science gone awry. He said his battles with Superman are because he must triumph over what he cannot overcome. That is the only way any man can grow, to achieve. Challenging heroes with evil deeds is not achievement, I countered. Luthor felt no need to defend his morals, rather his motives, citing the world's civilizations have grown weaker in Superman's presence. He said if I am to understand Alex Luthor's motives, I must look beyond my own petty concerns. The young divergent Luthor will create a menace so terrible no Superman would ever be able to stop it in time. The rest of Earth's heroes and more importantly, Luthor stressed, ordinary people, would have to work together to stop it. Or see the way of things change for the worst, with unspeakable tragedy and loss. Either way, Superman's value will soon be gone forever, and he would look forward to it, were the cost to the world not so great. Sadly, I began to understand the full meaning of Luthor's speech as if it seemed to sum up the events of the Infinite Crisis in total. Luthor insisted that I should rethink my motivational standing in this chain of events, before I too should become a force to be reckoned with, rather than part of the solution. Luthor said our talk was interesting, but others were coming that he had no common interests with. He bid me good day, as the floor beneath him lowered, a false floor covering his escape route. This was no matter, I thought. I was more curious as to who I would soon be encountering. Four military soldiers entered the office, taking positions to either side of the door. No less than senior semi-retired Army General walked into Luthor's office. General Lane saluted me and stated that an insurmountable menace was approaching. My presence was required immediately on the outskirts of Metropolis along with a battalion of other heroes. I asked if the Barefoot Black Orchid was accounted for. He said he wasn't briefed on her status, but if the Barefoot Black Orchid is not in the city yet, then she will be soon. Trusting the officer's sincerity, I allowed the soldiers to escort me from the building and to their aircraft. The General conducted his search of the office for any trace of Luthor, but I am certain the effort will not be of any use to him, if I have learned anything at all substantial about Luthor here today...

Mortal Combat In Metropolis!


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