Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mortal Combat In Metropolis!

Doomsday. The Monster To End All Monsters... And Heroes..

I arrived with the full military escort at the Gates of Metropolis today, to find the heroes standing side-by-side, preparing to face the inevitable threat of a Villains United Society with growing numbers. But no one could have foreseen the dangers that lie ahead, or the all-out warfare that was about to commence. I sought out the Barefoot Black Orchid and took her aside. I told her Woodrue is not yet to be found, nor is Barefoot Poison Ivy going to be in the first wave of the attack. I insisted Barefoot Suzy come with me. She refused, and tried to turn back to her place in the line, only to find it had already been filled by another arriving hero. Then came the inevitable. Dr. Psycho led the supervillains obscured beneath the shadow of the Metropolis bridge. The little madman introduced his new "best friend"-- the monstrous alien killing machine of a creature named Doomsday!
I could almost hear Alex Luthor's gloating of his assured victory in my mind. I grabbed Barefoot Suzy by her bare arms, demanding that she not put herself at such terrible risk. She became most angry with me, as her bare legs flew up, slamming her always bare feet into my great mossy vine-laden chest, her lithe purple nude body struggled, wanting me to let her go. I would not. Then I heard several military high-powered rifles clicking from behind. It was to be decided then, that if I interfered further in the Barefoot Black Orchid's business here, then I would automatically be presumed a villain by the soldiers manning the second line, it would seem. Determined now, I told the struggling Barefoot Suzy to look at Doomsday as he slowly approached the brave gauntlet of heroes in front of us--in front of the entire city.
I reminded her of how the world's population was affected by Superman's apparent loss of life when he fell in defeating Doomsday by his own grievous wounds. I told Barefoot Suzy I would suffer a thousandfold for her loss. I told the Barefoot Black Orchid that I love her, and that as the last of her kind, she must not take such an enormous risk as this, and certainly not this soon. I would not be able to protect her against so many different dangers at once. There were going to be many casualties as it is, in the coming conflict that was about to begin. The battle would move across the city, there was no avoiding that. The conflict would take hours, or days perhaps!
I insisted we not get involved, until it is absolutely necessary.
When the eventual deathwave comes, there in which Woodrue and Barefoot Poison Ivy take part, that is when we shall make our stand here. No sooner. Barefoot Suzy turned her nude purple body to me, determination in her steaming eyes, and said, "I'll be ready!"
We turned away from the dreadful scene as the battle commenced. The Barefoot Black Orchid's pheromones exuded from her sexy nude body and allowed her to persuade the soldiers to step aside and not to block our path out of the city. Nearby, a crowd fell into panic upon seeing Doomsday and attempted to flee. Innocent people were in danger, so Barefoot Suzy seized control of the entire group. She calmed every one of them down. They were doubtlessly placed under the delusion that she was the Barefoot Supergirl. Now, we moved to depart Superman's city and return to our own home, only to be confronted with the Batmobile. A side door opened in the sleek vehicle and the Batman's voice issued forth from the shadows within: "Get in. Now!" Barefoot Suzy stepped into the car, as did I. When the door closed, we were wrapped in complete darkness for a moment, as gyros compensated for my weight. Then there was light, and the Batman was seated in front of us behind the wheel. As the Batmobile sped toward Gotham, I asked him what our mission was. He replied, "To check on Barefoot Poison Ivy. You have tough decisions ahead." The Dark Knight's warning did not go unheeded. We arrived in Gotham after nightfall, and I learned about the Arkham jailbreak from Barefoot Suzy. How despite the seeming success of the heroes, it was merely a facade, for after their departure, the villains broke loose once more, now unopposed. For it seems those same villains have come to recruit Barefoot Poison Ivy. First, Killer Croc stepped out of the truck shouting to Barefoot Ivy. She was hesitant to join them at first, but came running when Barefoot Harley Quinn presented herself. Croc seized Barefoot Ivy when she got close and the truck sped off with them. I asked the Batman why he did nothing to stop this. Now Barefoot Ivy will be forced to side with her fellow villains. The Batman merely said he needed the villains all together to activate his contingency plan. "At the cost of how many lives?" Barefoot Suzy asked. But there was no reply. Now we are headed back to the Batcave, and will most likely be sent back to the homefront. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé will be worried sick about us. Barefoot Suzy and I will have a great deal of explaining to do, when we return home to Houma...

Returning Home To Barefoot Abby.


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