Friday, April 28, 2006

Returning Home To Barefoot Abby.

So much can happen in only a few minutes. After the Batman delivered us back to the swamp this evening, Barefoot Suzy and I rushed over to Barefoot Abby's house. When we arrived we found the porch lights on early, a sure sign that Barefoot Tefé was staying over at the house to look after her barefoot mother. We looked in the living room window to see Barefoot Abby sitting nude on the couch, watching television. She was upset and crying. Barefoot Tefé was pacing her own nude body around the room. She yelled at Barefoot Abby in frustration, saying she was overreacting, that Barefoot Suzy and I were not killed in the fighting or anything. Most aggitated, Barefoot Suzy repeatedly rang the doorbell, as I tried to calm her. Barefoot Tefé answered the door, but instead of greeting us, she screamed to Barefoot Abby that we'd made it back. My barefoot wife rushed out to us, Barefoot Abby threw herself upon me, shouting that she'd never been so scared in all her life. Barefoot Suzy was about to step off the porch and leave us, but Barefoot Tefé said, "Come here, you!" So my barefoot daughter gave Barefoot Suzy's nude purple body a most grateful and heart-felt embrace. I told Barefoot Abby that Woodrue was on the loose and I'd gone looking for him. Then, I went to retrieve Barefoot Suzy so that she would not make the grievous mistake of joining in the superheroes conflict of the supervillains deadly assault on Metropolis too hastily. Barefoot Abby expressed her concerns for the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer, whom she had directed to join the heroes in Metropolis. Barefoot Tefé told Barefoot Abby to stop worrying so much, as my barefoot daughter reviewed her own past conflicts and victories over Matango, Arcane, Woodrue, the Word, and Kudzu. Barefoot Tefé said she knew I was returning home to formulate and execute a plan to stop Doomsday, once and for all. While I thanked Barefoot Tefé for her faith in me, my major concerns are strictly about Woodrue and the danger he threatens upon all of us. I told Barefoot Abby as soon as Woodrue and Barefoot Poison Ivy leave Gotham and resurface in Metropolis, Barefoot Suzy and I would go to deal with them. Barefoot Abby says she doesn't want to think about it anymore. She wants me to take her out to our gazebo in the swamp and take a day or two off, and just concentrate on us.
She even wants me to leave the laptop here at the house. I shall report again after most of the weekend has passed, hopefully this sacred time will be shared peacefully. Barefoot Abby and I need this precious time to be well-spent together, so very desperately...

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