Sunday, April 30, 2006

100th Posting On The Swamp Thing's Blog!

First let me say it's my pleasure to announce this is the 100th post here on my weblog. I must profess how much of a wonderful challenge this new creation of mine has been. This is proving a worthwhile venture, even if I do tend to fall somewhat behind from time to time. My thanks to everyone who supports or praises all of my online efforts. I spent a refreshingly private weekend with Barefoot Abby. We talked a lot about the way of things, reaching an understanding about my current needs and commitments. It's so good to be able to communicate openly with my darling beautiful barefoot wife again. Barefoot Suzy stopped by a little while ago with my laptop and took this picture of us. She said Barefoot Tefé is back with Barefoot Zaina now. Barefoot Suzy got lonely and depressed, so she wanted to come out to see us. I thanked Barefoot Suzy for all the help she's ever provided for us. After nightfall, Barefoot Abby mentioned a bonfire ceremony she remembered from her childhood, that allowed a person to relieve one's pain by symbolically throwing their torments into the fires. I started a small fire, then I created a few wooden replicas and placed them on the marshy ground at her always bare feet. I handed the first, one of Anton Arcane as he looked as an old man, over to Barefoot Abby. I told her to look at it for a moment, then toss it into the fire. She did so. Then we did the same with all the other people and things that have haunted Barefoot Abby in the past. Next we performed the same ritual with Barefoot Suzy. Last I took my own turn. It's easier for us to talk without any emotional problems. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy couldn't help but interrupt one another in their renewed enthusiasm, even as the tonight's rainfall began to shower down heavily upon them, leaving their wet lovely nude bodies chilled and drenched, but also very excited and happy. The barefoot women just laughed and bathed, stroking their sleek nude skin and their fine flattened slicked-back wet hair behind their lean wet bare shoulders, as they kept on talking. Then I walked them through the pounding downpour into our lake for the most pleasurable fun of rainy night nude swimming and diving. If these are the last days we're destined to spend together, then let these be the precious memories of time well spent we'll carry on with. I don't know what's going to happen to any of us, but we've done our best together as we could possibly hope for. There's nothing more important or stronger than bonds of family and friends. What better way to spend my 100th installment than this? I feel most accomplished on this National Honesty Day. Thank you for reading Swamp Thing's Blog, my friends. There will be many more of my thoughts and experiences to come!

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