Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Preparing For War.

Sometimes, The Waiting Is The Hardest Part...

Barefoot Abby awoke from a strange dream, this morning. She said it was about the heroes and their initial reactions to Conner Kent's death from a month ago. I told her some of those same heroes had gone back there to the wreckage of the divergent Alexander Luthor's multidimensional tower to seek out clues as to the whereabouts of the young Luthor and Superboy-Prime. Perhaps my barefoot wife's empathy powers are growing, sensing memories of one of the heroes. The Barefoot Wonder Girl, most likely. I had Barefoot Abby concentrate not on the past, but on the present. She had to try to sense what was currently being said in that distant location. She closed her eyes, then opened them and said she thought she heard a Green Lantern announce the Metropolis situation to the other heroes. I could sense what was next to occur. More and more villains will be marched into Metropolis, the heroes will be forced to intervene. This will make the task Barefoot Suzy and I must undertake all the more difficult...and all the more dangerous. But our thoughts were shattered by the sound of more helicopters passing overhead, still searching for King Toad's victims. Barefoot Suzy arrived early and told Barefoot Abby there are still more prison breakouts taking place, and she had better go home. Barefoot Abby asked if there was further news on the Battle of Metropolis yet. Barefoot Suzy said tomorrow is the day that Barefoot Poison Ivy and Woodrue will be on the attack, although Superman, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, and the others are soon to be part of the fighting as of later today since the Battle of Metropolis is already nearing the heart of the city, which is impossible to evacuate. I told Barefoot Suzy to go to Barefoot Tefé and make her aware that Barefoot Suzy and I will be leaving Louisiana for Delaware soon. I took Barefoot Abby back to her house. She said tomorrow she would have to talk to police and reporters about what happened to Barefoot Candy Taylor, last month. I told her she would do fine. And if she needed help, she could always count on Barefoot Tefé. Clearly, Barefoot Abby needed more sleep, so I urged her to go to bed. I told her I would come home safe from Metropolis, as would Barefoot Suzy. Before leaving, I recreated the garden in Barefoot Abby's backyard, making it even more extravagant than before. That should cheer Barefoot Abby up after her grueling ordeal with the press and the police tomorrow. Now I had to deal with King Toad before leaving. I went to the Prison Tree, uprooted it, and made it walk with me. King Toad and his sons were most surprised by this. I need Schiller and the Cajun Folk to keep an eye on King Toad during the time I'm to be fighting in Metropolis, just in case. Cajun elder Barefoot Marcel wanted the monsters dead. For now, I refused her demand. There is enough killing taking place in Metropolis, I'll not abide it in my swamp, unless it's absolutely necessary. Perhaps I may even find a way to stop Woodrue without lethal force. King Toad protested his imprisonment, as usual. It matters little at this point. Once I said good-bye to my friends and was alone, I was rejoined by Barefoot Suzy. She had wonderful news. Doomsday has already fallen to the two Supermen. Others would have fallen, if not for a pursuit of Superboy-Prime into deep space. We heard Barefoot Lady Blackhawk's plane come in for a landing at the nearby runway I made for her in the swamp. We rushed into the plane and we were soon joined by Barefoot Lady Anima and other heroes on the flight now made to Delaware. For now we are to sit this out tonight and patiently wait. Tomorrow, we'll end the war in Metropolis. Soon this will all be over.

Infinite Chaos!


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