Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Infinite Chaos!

Mayhem In Metropolis. Hell On Earth. And We Marched Right Into It.

The Barefoot Black Orchid and I were stationed on a base outside of Lewes, Delaware for much of the day. High noon came, and the villains redoubled their assault with fresh recruits in waiting shipped from Gotham, New Jersey. These included the Floronic Man and Barefoot Poison Ivy. It was only then that those of us remaining heroes not yet engaged in the conflict at last marched on nearby Metropolis to save the day. Barefoot Suzy remarked that I am one of the all-time-greatest superheroes. I replied if that is true, then the Swamp Thing couldn't ask for a better sidekick than the beautiful Barefoot Black Orchid. I took this picture above with my digital camera before putting my laptop safely away. Woodrue was in plain sight, now fighting alongside Gorilla Grodd against the Barefoot Wonder Woman, specifically. Barefoot Poison Ivy was also in close proximity, in combat with the Barefoot Black Canary. As I observed the Barefoot Black Orchid take flight on to engage Barefoot Poison Ivy, I found my own path to Woodrue was blocked--by the Killer Croc. The cannibalistic, monstrous, hated, reptilian/human hybrid mutant stated his hatred for me from my abandonment of him at a time when he needed my guidance. The Cajuns, his own people forced him from the swamp and back to the city life he's been attempting to live despite his further mutations ever since. I told Croc that I was manipulated by outside forces at that time, but if he cares anything for the present, he would best step aside. Of course, he attacked and I was forced to fight back. We were evenly matched and the fight took a long time, as I was not about to use the Green until meeting Woodrue in final battle face-to-face. The Barefoot Black Orchid meanwhile was facing Barefoot Poison Ivy. Barefoot Suzy found Barefoot Ivy with her back against a wall, bloody and delirious with battle fatigue. Barefoot Suzy tried to reason with Barefoot Ivy, but was attacked from behind by animated thorned vines grown from the cracks in the sidewalk. The thorns penetrated the Barefoot Black Orchid's bulletproof purple skin, doing terrible harm to Barefoot Suzy's powerful nude body. Barefoot Poison Ivy walked up to her wounded and helpless opponent. Laughing insanely, she stated now it was time she got her only real competition permanently out of the way. Horribly wounded and bleeding profusely, the Barefoot Black Orchid still had the strength to rise before the seemingly victorious Barefoot Poison Ivy. Barefoot Suzy heroicly took down the crazed botanical barefoot villainess with a single punch! Below us, beneath the shattered section of the street, the Batman confronted Alex Luthor, whose powers had faded. The Batman wanted to kill the young Luthor for everything he'd done. But the Barefoot Wonder Woman convinced the Dark Knight that such revenge was not worth it. Back home in Houma, Barefoot Tefé went to check on Barefoot Abby after her trying time with the police and reporters. Barefoot Abby was on the verge of another breakdown due to her worries about me, but Barefoot Tefé helped her through this, just as I knew she would. In space, the two Supermen and the Green Lantern Corps defeated Superboy-Prime, at the cost of the life of the Golden Age Superman. Much later in Metropolis, the battle died down enough that I could concentrate my efforts to take down Croc. When he fell to the battered pavement at my mossy bare feet, I walked over to Woodrue who lay beneath the unconscious Gorilla Grodd. Sensing my presence, Woodrue heaved the huge ape aside and he said that one way or another, things as we always knew them were going to end between us now. Several heroes and mercenaries took aim at Woodrue, as one of the last villains standing, they blasted him from all directions before my eyes. Woodrue's charred remains fell into my hands. I did not sense his escape into the Green. It is as if he wanted to die, here in this violent battle. Woodrue seemed to be dead, but my experiences with Arcane would say otherwise. I carried what was left of him on my back and went in search for the Barefoot Black Orchid and Barefoot Poison Ivy. The Barefoot Black Canary rushed up to me and stated the severity of both of the barefoot women's many wounds. She also said that Black Adam, Deathstroke, Doctor Light, Doctor Sivana, Hush, the Joker, the Barefoot Lady Killer Frost, the two Luthors, Mammoth, Merlyn, and the Mirror Master all managed to escape us. I assured her that we would deal with all of them in time. But I didn't have to remind her that we may all have to do so without the Batman, Superman, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman. I was allowed aboard the chopper that airlifted Barefoot Suzy and Barefoot Ivy for medical treatment to STAR Labs. Barefoot Suzy, now weak and wrapped in a blanket on a stretcher, told me she was going to be fine. I told her how very proud of her I am, as I managed to heal most of my brave young barefoot lady consort's wounds. The rest will be well up to Barefoot Suzy herself. I'm being sent back home now.
I honestly don't know how I will face Barefoot Abby when I'll see her next. I suppose I'd best stay at Schiller's and try to sort this out when I reach Louisiana. I thought this would be the end of these severe problems, but it seems more like only the beginning of the end...

Facing The Uncertain Future That Lies Ahead...


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