Friday, May 05, 2006

Brutal Slayings In Houma.

Terror has struck yet again tonight. Nerk and Bob are being hunted by the Houma police, after a string of massacres of people in their own homes. Barefoot Abby, needless to say, is utterly outraged by this:

re: Barefoot Abigail Arcane-Cable-Holland wrote:

"Alec, it's them, they are back! Those two monsters have killed more people in town tonight. Eight break-ins, a dozen murders, and nothing stolen. It's got to be them!!!!! It's not safe for you to come over, there are cop cars and helicopters are everywhere. I repeat: Don't come. We can't let people see you, not with all this going on. But PLEASE try to do something! We can't let this happen. I don't want to lose this town! I don't want to have to run away. Be safe, and hunt those things down, if the police don't get them first. You know I'm counting on you. Barefoot Abby."

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad. I finally got Mom to settle down. She's a total freaking wreck. Don't worry. We're safe. I called and Barefoot Zaina's safe at her place. We're all good, for now. Weed out the damn Prison Tree, get your big mossy green butt down here on these streets, and rip those nasty fuckers to pieces. Honestly, I would have stopped them by now. But I can't anymore. It's up to you. Do it, Dad. There are no excuses. You have to protect the town. Be here. Barefoot Tefé."

I almost did it. I almost went. But Schiller, Barefoot Marcel, and Tee-Tonti stopped me from going. They said my involvement now would raise a red flag against us. The bayou folk would be held accountable for haboring the new scapegoat for all these slayings---and I would take the blame. Barefoot Abby is right, not Barefoot Tefé-- I should not be seen. Not now. But I have to do something to stop this bloodshed of the townspeople and try to save innocent lives. But what? This is maddening. To save one population, will I have to doom the other by completely turning my back on them? Why can't I save both? There has to be something that I can do. But for the immortal life of me, I just don't know what the solution to all of this horror is.

The Fate of The Justice League.


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