Sunday, May 07, 2006

Alex Luthor's Demise.

The Horrific Fate Of Alex Luthor. Did He Deserve It?

John Constantine contacted me by phone tonight during my visit to STAR Labs in Metropolis. I was with Barefoot Suzy, whose medical condition is slowly beginning to improve, although her body temperature has lessened to the point that her eyes have yet to show their steam again. Over Constantine's phone call, he insisted that I hurry on to Gotham City and protect his one-time friend Alex Luthor from an assassination attempt that was about to occur. Realizing that I could use Constantine's talents now, I told him that this effort on my part would put him in my debt. If I could save the anomalous life of the corrupted but now harmless young divergent Luthor, then Constantine would have to help me in turn. I would use him to allow me public access into Houma without there being destructive repercussions upon the denizens of the swamps. Constantine grudgingly agreed, demanding that I hurry. Traveling through the Green, I arrived at Crime Alley in Gotham City. Growing myself from three spoiled heads of lettuce and an overripe melon, I rose up to full form. I stepped out of the dumpster. I hurried through the heavy downpour to the nearby alley, only to hear the Joker's maniacal laughter. I was too late. The young Luthor, now horribly disfigured, was killed by the Joker, with a gunshot to the head. Lex Luthor was there, having told his young divergent counterpart of his fatal mistakes that would cost him his life. Then the Joker ran off and disappeared into the rain as the older, surviving Luthor merely awaited my arrival without worry. Luthor said he wasn't expecting to see me again so soon. I asked him why he did this. "Because it needed to be done." he said, walking confidently away. Then I encountered Hush, who explained to me how and why all of this came to pass. I asked him why Gotham City is a haven for such madness and horrible violence. Hush stated that with my time travel experience, I should be more of an authority on the origins of the subject of Gotham's madness than he would. He merely exploits the insanity of others, he said. That is his power. I asked him how he knew of my experiences. He said he calls himself "Hush" because he always gained knowledge of things that men of common sense would never have any business of knowing, as he too walked away into the rain. I returned to Barefoot Suzy's hospital bedroom and found out that Luthor had sent me the gruesome picture above of his counterpart's demise. Constantine called and asked if I got there too late to save the young friend he was so fond of. I told him I would deal with the situation back home on my own and hung up on him as he started to scream drunkenly over the phone at me. Barefoot Suzy nervously tried to get out of bed, saying she was going with me, that she would be the one to help. She didn't even have the strength to stand. I gave her a fresh cup of water, and put her back to bed. Barefoot Suzy needs more time to heal. I promised her everything was going to get better back home. I said this as if I could somehow fix it all on my own. Let us all hope this is a promise I can keep...

Houma In Flames!


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