Sunday, May 14, 2006

Barefoot Mother's Day Memories.

Beautiful Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé Holland.
The Loving Barefoot Mother and Barefoot Daughter.

Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé spent a wonderful Barefoot Mother's Day together at Barefoot Abby's house in Houma. I'm told the town's situation, however precarious has settled down somewhat with the disappearance of King Toad. Barefoot Abby considers this a sign of Houma's strength, calling it the little town that could. Barefoot Tefé says everyone's just burying their heads in the sand, now that the fires are lessening in extremity. There are explosives and chemical accelerants stolen by Bad Nerk and Sissy Bob from the town's major construction company that are still left unaccounted for. The police ignored Barefoot Abby's warnings about King Toad as we expected they would, instead believing the Cajun Folk are to blame. It seems Tee-Tonti's concerns are well-founded. Still, it goes against human nature to live in a state of perpetual terror. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé are preparing for the worst both in town and in the swamp. But our family is still hoping for the best. We must refuse to run away from all this. Perhaps all that truly matters at present is the barefoot women are living together peacefully for now. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé are close, bonding so beautifully more than ever, as much as our family could possibly hope. They worked together to clear the smoke from the nearby fires from the house, and handled as many neglected household chores together as possible while communicating in ways they have needed for such a long time.
I came over briefly, manifesting in the backyard. A lot of the garden has burned down, but at least it protected the house. The next time we may not be so lucky. Barefoot Tefé showed me some mouse traps in Barefoot Abby's house, how three field mice were caught while the family was out of town. Barefoot Tefé lifted one trap containing a dead rodent. She told me this is how I should consider King Toad and all of his kind. This gave me a lot to think about. I watched on, as Barefoot Abby smiled and pulled all of her hair back into a sleek even ponytail. She proceeded to lovingly bathe Barefoot Tefé's long hair, gently shampooed and rinsed our barefoot daughter's natural fine white hair, while pleasant symphony music romantically played on the stereo. Barefoot Tefé liked how good her clean slicked-back hair felt. Barefoot Abby was pleased. They reclined their sexy nude bodies on the couch together, with their lovely always bare feet raised up high, the day's dirt present on their lovely barefoot soles contrasted nicely, as I took this beautiful black-and-white picture of them before I left. Barefoot Abby sent the image on to my laptop, which I kept at the cabin in the swamp. It's good that Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé have settled their differences now. They are most comfortable in sharing company. This is a comfort to me, certainly good reason for Barefoot Abby to count her blessings, celebrating this memorable Barefoot Mother's Day spent with our beautiful barefoot daughter.

Barefoot Tefé: Not A Fan Of Booster Gold.


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