Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Talking With A Stranger.

As If Things Couldn't Get Any Worse, Now The Shadowpact Has Disappeared!

The Phantom Stranger appeared to me tonight. He explained the implications of the Spectre's war on magic. He said the world was becoming increasingly strange, and growing stranger by the minute. He said the Ninth Age of Magic was over, but the Tenth had yet to fully form. Dark evil sorcery was returning to our world, such as the dead storyteller's magic that unleashed King Toad. The Stranger said he had temporarily restored Superman's powers and sent him to investigate a mysterious blood-red dome covering over the town of Riverrock, Wyoming. When Superman failed to penetrate the dome as his powers began to permanently fade once more, the Stranger called upon the Shadowpact. The now-powerless Superman summoned Green Lantern Hal Jordan meanwhile, who likewise failed to break the mystical barrier surrounding the town. The Stranger created a doorway for which the Shadowpact was to enter the otherdimensional vortex within. Now their fate remains unknown, perhaps it shall be for quite some time. The Stranger disappeared into the darkness, as I began to question him. This is a most disturbing mystery, definitely unforseen bad news for the remaining Barefoot Black Orchid and all concerned. Wherever the Shadowpact is now, may they safely return in time...

The Search For The Shadowpact.


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