Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Zombie Attack!

My life is filled with the most unexpected and monstrous horrors. Case in point-- Earlier this afternoon, I was attacked by the zombies of all the 25 construction project workmen who were murdered by King Toad last December, all of whom I had buried in an unmarked mass grave, along with their equipment and the personal effects each man had carried while working out here on that unspeakably bloody day. I thought to protect the swamps, in taking King Toad as my prisoner instead of letting him, and these dead men, know the unreserved justice wrought by civilization. I only took into account the harm the environment and the Cajun Folk would suffer if I had not done this. I did not forsee the needs of men already perished. The zombies attacked me mercilessly, outraged that even in death, they could never be found by their families, friends and loved ones. They did not want their horrible fate to remain forever unknown, their pain forever unseen. So I thought deeply upon this, as they began to dismember me. Then, realizing others would come to harm after the assault upon me, I staged a counterattack. I smashed the corpses with the fury of the violated earth, and I righteously sent the dead men screaming back to their hidden grave far below me. It was a harrowing, terrifying experience for me, one that I hope never to have to repeat. Pulling myself together, but still quite shaken, I went to talk with Jordan Schiller. I told him how unfair this situation is becoming. He said he'd rather be out here with me in the bayou than anywhere else. He said if he had stayed in civiization, he'd be forced to pay back every penny he owed to the hospital. He also said I'd healed him in ways he'd never thought possible. Schiller said he was at peace. This made me feel a great deal of regret, for so much remains uncertain here. He said I had better take control of the situation then. I must find a way to stop King Toad. Too many lives are counting on me. I cannot fail. There must be a way. Somehow..


David Porter said...
From the dripping evergreen forests of Cascadia, I read this and wonder what brain has spawned this landscape and chronology..... marvelous. Yes, marvelous. Like Twin Peaks all under again....

Swamp Thing said...
Thank you for this fine complement. It's always good to have one's efforts appreciated.

Talking With A Stranger.


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