Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Search For The Shadowpact.

What Unknown Fate Has Happened To These Heroes?

Today I spent working with the now-recovered Barefoot Black Orchid, beside Barefoot Zatanna, Barefoot Lady Witchfire, and Rex the Wonder Dog in Riverrock, Wyoming. Despite the extreme measures we employed, there was no breaking into the dome in which the Shadowpact is mysteriously trapped. The rescue effort seemed hopeless, yet we continued to try.

My partner, the Barefoot Black Orchid became increasingly frustrated, when our combined physical strength proved useless. Barefoot Suzy loves Blue Devil with all her heart. She knows him well, and has no wish of ever losing him.

The young Barefoot Lady Witchfire's pyrokinetic ablilities also proved equally useless against the mystically fortified dome. She has a strong admiration for the Barefoot Enchantress and Barefoot Lady Nightshade. Barefoot Lady Witchfire had high hopes of freeing them. Yet the mystical flames transmitted blazingly high above from her bare hands and directly under her lovely bare feet had no effect.

Even Barefoot Zatanna's formidable mastery of magic could not remove the dome's enchantment from this plane of existence, and she finally came to tears because of it. Barefoot Zatanna is very close friends with the Nightmaster and Ragman, both of whom have earned her respect. She has extensive histories with every member of the Shadowpact, making their apparent loss all the more sad and tragic.

In his turn, Rex the Wonder Dog took part in our desperate attempts to free the Shadowpact, even futilely biting at the dome with his teeth! He is loyal to his lifelong friend Bobo the Chimpanzee, known to us today as Detective Chimp.

Lastly, I attempted to enter the dome from beneath the earth. Failing that, I resorted to minor geothermal gradient compression for a few seconds. Repairing the environment beneath the dome to its non-volcanic state, I was to forced to admit defeat. Without the Shadowpact, I am the only hope my home has left against the dangers we face. I soon found myself alone, everyone else having given up hope in utter frustration, or setting out to find others to redouble these desperate efforts. I simply don't know what can be done. I merely concentrated my energy on returning to the surface.

Barefoot Suzy did not wait up for my return. I collected my discarded laptop and faced the impenetrable dome alone before turning back to the airplane trip home. The Phantom Stranger has now assigned Barefoot Madame Valda, the Barefoot Iron Maiden to stand watch over the dome for the first month-long vigil, with Barefoot Lady Witchfire's turn to follow. The Shadowpact is now lost to us, perhaps forever! This place may be their tomb. Depression and sheer frustration is beginning to overwhelm me. Our often-cheerful barefoot lady pilot, Barefoot Lady Blackhawk shares our sadness on this grim occasion. We don't know what to do next. I feel so lost...

Family, Friendships, Faith!


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