Friday, May 19, 2006

Family, Friendships, Faith!

I stayed at the cabin today, remaining inside for some odd reason, staring out the window despairingly. These human traits I am experiencing are becoming increasingly strange. Why should I feel this compulsion to hide myself away? Fortunately, Barefoot Tefé came to my emotional rescue, for once. There came a knock, and I opened the door. There she was, her young beautiful sleek nude body gleaming in the sun outside.

"Weird, I never figured you for the shut-in type, Daddy." She smiled. I took a moment, to admire her naked healthy fully sun-bronzed little barefoot woman's body, along with her magnificent long white hair, and the ensemble of nude body jewelry she wore. "I've had this stuff for awhile, but check out my fucking-rocking barefoot anklets, Dad. They're brand new." she said, as she padded her way as softly and quietly as ever into the cabin with me. I noticed this, when she first walked inside, nude and wet from one of her daily swims, to join me. She set her plastic stand-up aquatic riding board and its attending paddle down onto an old chair. Then she once again gestured for me to observe the bright new jewelry placed upon her beautiful forever bare feet. The lovely adornments decorating my barefoot daughter's leisurely but very athletic always bare feet were hard to miss, when I casually glanced down:

Barefoot Tefé's beautiful barefoot anklets were visually pleasing to me. I don't see this sort of thing much in our marshy location outside of town. Barefoot Tefé said she'd forgotten to take them off, as she gently stroked her wet very long sleek and glistening white hair. She was glad she hadn't ruined her barefoot anklets during all of her healthy running, wading, diving, and underwater swimming as they weren't exactly made for messy outdoor sports. When asked, she said she they were a gift sent to her in the mail when she joined an online faith cult. We paused our discussion and went outside. When we reached the water, we plunged down into the swamp for another good long underwater swim. When we surfaced, Barefoot Tefé rested her lovely wet nude body on some rocks to sun herself and wanted to know what was actually on my mind, since I never make such a big deal out of something so trivial, unless something important has come up. First, I was curious about this new cult. Barefoot Tefé said that's news she had yet to tell me.
A couple of days ago, Barefoot Tefé learned of a new religious cult devoted to Conner Kent. Barefoot Cassandra Sandsmark had joined them last week and she was promoted to their leadership most recently. Barefoot Tefé joined the local branch of this new cult movement and she received her elegant new barefoot jewelry today. Barefoot Tefé admits she's not the spiritual type outside of our family experiences, but she is certainly curious about the Kryptonian practices of which her barefoot girlfriend Barefoot Cassie now takes part. Barefoot Tefé said she's received several e-mails concerning this, especially now that private detective Ralph Dibny (the former superhero Elongated Man) has become directly involved with the Barefoot Wonder Girl, investigating the cult's affairs. I asked Barefoot Tefé if anything else was happening in the world today. Indeed, Barefoot Risa Del Toro was arrested by Miami's Vampire Crime Unit this week, while Barefoot Suzy and I were away investigating the Shadowpact situation. Perhaps now that situation will be sorted out. Barefoot Tefé also reported yesterday the Gotham City Homicide Unit of the GCPD found the body of one "Lex Luthor." Doubtlessly, Constantine's final arrangements for his friend Alex Luthor were as short-lived as Conner Kent's former final resting place in Smallville. Now both of these deceased young men are getting questionable attention shown in Gotham and Metropolis. Last evening, Egyptian monarch tyrant Black Adam stopped an aerial battle between the Barefoot Power Girl and Terra-Man over Khandaq, explaining that the barefoot superheroine was violating his country's airspace. He placed the western supervillain into his own custody, a move that is certain to stir up even more international controversy.
I asked Barefoot Tefé how things are at home with Barefoot Abby. Barefoot Tefé said everything is fine. She now has a revised report card with passing grades, and accordingly, she has received her invite to attend her Graduation ceremony tomorrow afternoon. Barefoot Tefé is certainly glad Barefoot Abby has called in her favors owed to her from James Gordon, leading to this. Tomorrow should be a good and meaningful time, even if I cannot attend Barefoot Tefé's graduation day myself. There must be some form of gathering where I can discuss matters with other heroes with weblogs of their own more regularly. Yes, I shall begin an online search. If fortune is with me, I may find others with interests like my own. I have a feeling things may turn out for the best after all. No more feeling sorry for myself, that much is for certain. I cannot fall into despair again, for too much is at stake. When I finally told Barefoot Tefé of the Shadowpact's fate, for example, she insisted that I must "Get a grip!" Indeed, if there are other heroes out there who will have me, then I hope to find them soon. For I could use the extra friendship. Perhaps needed moral support from others faced with triumphs and frustrations will do wonders for me. Yes. We shall have to see about this.

Barefoot Tefé's Graduation, and Barefoot Zatanna's Birthday.


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