Saturday, May 20, 2006

Barefoot Tefé's Graduation, and Barefoot Zatanna's Birthday.

Today was Barefoot Tefé's high school graduation day. I cannot tell you how proud and happy I am for her! The commencement was at Terrebonne Parish Civic Center in Houma at 4:00 P.M. Sadly, an unfortunate incident came to pass, as earlier in the day her barefoot girlfriend, Barefoot Zaina locked the keys in the car Barefoot Tefé had shared with her. Barefoot Tefé was most unhappy about this, as Barefoot Zaina had told too many people about her mistake. The car was broken into and stolen with ease. Barefoot Abby did her best to calm Barefoot Tefé down, insisting this was not the end of the world. Barefoot Tefé told Barefoot Abby she was counting on that car for a fast escape from Houma, should King Toad and Woodrue come out of hiding. Barefoot Abby said we can protect ourselves from any danger, just as we always have. Barefoot Abby just wanted a quiet graduation day. Such was not the case, as Barefoot Tefé found herself seated uncomfortably amongst the graduating students. Several rowdy drunks seated directly behind her, screaming obscenities at the all-too-forgiving Principal. The same school adminstrator, Barefoot Tefé pointed out, who almost flunked her out and nearly threatened to force her to repeat her final year, rather undeservingly. The noise became deafeningly painful. Barefoot Tefé wanted to hit the invasively loud fools with something. But Barefoot Tefé restrained herself, for she has suffered through far worse than this. After waiting a frustratingly long time, she tells me, she strided her always bare feet onto the stage in her line and received her diploma. Barefoot Abby cheered for Barefoot Tefé excitedly. The ceremony over, Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé found themselves trapped in a crowd of people milling about. They were forced to hold hands to keep from getting separated until reaching the exit and finally going home. Barefoot Abby wanted to stay for the reception party, but Barefoot Tefé refused as she'd only be ridiculed for being bisexual and for becoming another beautiful over-priced high-end escort, now that she could join the lucrative elite sex business. She was glad to be rid of the awfully ignorant bullies of both genders in the pointless failing American school or shall I say "fool" system. Barefoot Tefé was content to be home and get some well deserved rest, before jetting off to the tropics to meet and entertain the first of her many wealthy clients. Barefoot Abby found out one of the congratulation cards they have received was from the mysterious Barefoot Lady Oracle, who'd obviously been Jim Gordon's help in making certain Barefoot Tefé's graduation came to pass, as well as guaranteed homeschooling opportunities in the nudist communities to prevent such schooling corruption problems from ever happening again to our young ones in the future. This helped improve and comfort Barefoot Abby's peace of mind a great deal. Barefoot Tefé did however manage a smile. She is glad that, "Another long crazy nightmare is over." Indeed.

"Free, at last!" she said. Now let us hope that all this was worth it...

And Then, There Was Our Sexy Nude Beautiful
Barefoot Lady Friend, The Lovely Barefoot Zatanna!

Later this evening, Barefoot Suzy and I went to San Francisco,
California to attend Barefoot Zatanna's 46th birthday pool party.
Everyone affectionately knows her as "Barefoot Zee", for short.

Barefoot Zatanna first introduced me to Barefoot Cassandra Craft,
blind clairvoyant and keeper of Barefoot Zatanna's mystical library.
Barefoot Cassandra also now possesses the mystic medallion of the
Phantom Stranger. The amulet glowed beneath her wet nude breasts.

Another beautiful blonde Barefoot Cassandra was at the pool party.
Barefoot Cassie Sandsmark, the exquisite Barefoot Wonder Girl.

The well-bronzed nude young Barefoot Amazon DemiGoddess smiled.
Her designs were unknown to us, though her presence was inspiring.

And there were the Justice League's beautiful Barefoot Birds of Prey.
Our barefoot female traveling companions certainly had a fun time.
There was Barefoot Zinda Blake, our adventurous barefoot lady pilot.
Barefoot Lady Blackhawk joined the party, enjoying her nude swim.

There was Barefoot Dinah Lance. Famous high-class fighter.
The beautiful Barefoot Black Canary is as sexy as she is complicated.

There was Barefoot Cindy Reynolds. Sultry wandering world-traveler.
The bronzed Barefoot Lady Gypsy said she can't resist a good party.

There was Barefoot Mari McCabe. Famous barefoot lady top model.
The Barefoot Lady Vixen posed nude well for our cameras, of course.

Barefoot Zatanna invited some of her friends from Britain as well.
John Constantine could not make the trip, so he sent his mutual
friend Tim Hunter in his place. Barefoot Suzy introduced me to
her childhood friend, "Timmy" whom I only saw briefly once
before at Stonehenge, on that dreadful night when the Spectre
was invoked. Meeting this young man was an interesting experience.
More interesting was to find Barefoot Gemma Masters as his date.

Hunter is said to be the most powerful magician living. So I asked for
some advice in handling my current situations. He proved unequal
for any of the tasks. I declined to ask specifically for his help, but the
young Hunter did mention he would someday truly like to meet my
barefoot daughter, Barefoot Tefé, should she ever regain her powers.
There was Constantine's barefoot niece, Barefoot Gamma Masters.

Barefoot Gemma is friendly with Barefoot Zatanna and to me, but
I sense she already knows too much about the ways of dark sorcery.

There were also guests from other dimensions at the pool party.
Present was Barefoot Lady Nuala Llyrion, a Barefoot Elf Princess.
She is the Barefoot Lady Scion of the Eldritch Seelie Court of Faerie.

Barefoot Nuala also serves in the Dreaming. She knew my friend, the
late Matthew Cable. We both had a great deal to relate about him. As
Matthew the Raven, he was a strong good influence to the residents
of the Dreaming. Barefoot Nuala hopes she will live up to Matthew's
strength and courage. I'm glad Matthew at last found his redemption.

There was Barefoot Amy Winston. An immortal Barefoot Sorceress.
Barefoot Lady Amethyst, the Barefoot Princess of the Gemworld next
greeted me as she emerged in her wet loin-sash raiment in the pool.
Her regal majestic nude body jewelry shimmered brightly in the sun.
The beautiful barefoot blonde sorceress and I had much to talk about.

And there were those friends we do not encounter often enough.
Barefoot Suzy spent most of the time in the pool, taking underwater
pictures of our friends. Barefoot Mary Marvel is very beautiful nude.

The party for Barefoot Zee was brief and finished quickly since most
of the guests expressed concerns for the missing Shadowpact heroes.
The only remaining note on this occasion was the television news,
observing today the act of Black Adam's slaying of members of the
international criminal organization known as Intergang, in Khandaq.
Barefoot Mary hopes Black Adam's tyranny won't get out of control.

Shortly after watching this report, we noticed the immortal mystic
Dr. Occult finally arrived, overdressed for the party, and an hour late.

Barefoot Zatanna threw back her slick wet ponytailed dark hair,
and she smiled at him, dancing nude at her place in the pool.

Barefoot Zee said the party was over. She hoped everyone
enjoyed it, and she politely asked us all to start leaving now.
This was to be Barefoot Zatanna's genuine way of celebrating
her birthday. "Tease me!--Please me!" She proudly sang and
danced with the loud classic rock and roll background music.

The trenchcoated man then vanished. He was instantly replaced
with a beautiful perpetually barefoot woman in a summer dress.
Unexpectedly, Barefoot Rose Psychic now stood in Occult's place.
[This ageless couple share a decades-long corporeal existence].
The eternally young flapper-styled Barefoot Rose grinned at us.
Suffice to say, her bob-cut short hair would look much better wet.

The barefoot lady supernatural detective quickly undressed.

Her grit-blackened dirty soles of her typically always bare feet
bounded gracefully across the patio racing toward the water.
She barely made a splash, with her clean swift sexy nude dive.

She plunged gracefully nude into the pool, and so to our delight.

Barefoot Suzy, who was still underwater, took this lovely nude picture
of Barefoot Rose. Barefoot Zee smiled. Barefoot Rose sprinted her
swimming nude body toward her, while Barefoot Zee smiled brightly.
Barefoot Zatanna's amorous intent for the mystically-combined couple
was clear. Sexual excitement filled the air. It felt most pleasing.
Occult emerged nude on the pool's far end, and he was embraced by
Barefoot Zatanna. The lovers submerged. Barefoot Suzy, finished
with her own swimming, left the pool and joined us on the bench.
Barefoot Suzy smiled. The party was now definitely over for the rest
of us. Still, we all remained and watched. Barefoot Zatanna and
Barefoot Rose emerged happily from the water. The evening sunlight
glistened on their dripping wet faces and their wet slicked-back hair.
Yes, Barefoot Rose's hair definitely did look much nicely better wet!
The two nude beautiful barefoot women kissed passionately...

...while they submerged themselves gracefully again, as the sun set.
This was most remarkable, seeing the barefoot lady magician in the
water embraced by the powerful Dr. Occult for one moment, and her
kissing the sweet lovely Barefoot Rose Psychic, with the very next.
Barefoot Zatanna casually waved good-bye to us before returning
underwater to make love to Occult/Barefoot Rose, in so loving each
of them the same. Understanding and loving both of them, in such a
way no one else ever would. Everyone present laughed cheerfully for
this reassuring pleasantry, and we all prepared to leave. The rest of
Barefoot Zee's devoted friends and lovers showed themselves out, as
Barefoot Suzy and I went outside into the garden to talk alone.
We discussed the future, which seemed appropriate. I told
Barefoot Suzy not to worry or despair over the Shadowpact's
fate. She insisted I do the same about the situation in Houma.
Barefoot Zatanna shouted from the pool, "Next year, there'll be
more men here! I promise!" This made everyone laugh. I myself
certainly enjoyed the company of all the beautiful barefoot women.
We hugged and said our good-byes. I have just returned home
to the bayou. Today was a fine day. I am so proud of my family
and friends,and everything we have accomplished. In these
uncertain times, we continue to make the most of our lives.

And that is in the best interests for everyone.

A Gathering of United Heroes.


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