Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Black Adam: Has He Gone Too Far This Time?

Today is the Day of Disunity, according to the Discordianists. Is it any wonder then, that Black Adam choose to open the Embassy of Kandaq on this day? Barefoot Tefé has her own thoughts on the latest extreme action on the part of Black Adam...

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Hey, Dad. You wouldn't believe what happened in New York City today. Black Adam was at the opening of Kandaq’s United Nations Embassy in the Big Apple with his prisoner Terra-Man, who didn't seem so trapped, but rather the outlaw cowboy seemed to be enjoying himself. Go figure. Anyway, Adam starts talking about how the world has praised their heroes but where are the Batman, Superman, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and all the other big shots now? Well, he does have a point there. He said he hopes to gather allies that will deliver a message to those wanting to talk advantage of their absence. Then he said, “The first message is simple people like this man don’t deserve to live.” He picked up Terra-Man by the seat of his pants and ripped him in two!!!! Damn, that was awesome! Scary, but awesome at the same time. Now that's the kind of treatment King Toad has coming. And this Black Adam episode was broadcast live, so everybody saw it. Yes! Adam just flew away after that, shouting back to the press, “It’s time for heroes who don’t just patrol the world, but to change it!” Admit it, this is some serious food for thought, given the danger we're facing. Anyway, this is turning out to be an intense week for watching TV. Booster Gold wins and then loses a fortune gambling with a bad investment on Sunday, then Lex Luthor clears his name on Monday, and now Black Adam gets away with "pulling" this today! Mom thinks Black Adam is completely nuts for doing that to Terra-Man, but what do you think? You've got to stop the Floronic Man somehow. Maybe you should consider doing things the "Black Adam" way. Maybe then you'll get some results. I don't know. The middle ground not be any safer than the high or low roads. But doing that put me where I am now and I guess I'm happy, if still a little scared. So give this Black Adam guy's methods a little consideration, okay? It may sound extreme, but remember, we are all still in danger here at home. They're still fighting one of the fires down the street. We have no idea if Nerk and Sissy Bob bought it when they blew all that stuff up, trying to kill the town. King Toad escaped from you, the next day. You have no idea where Jason Woodrue is. And Barefoot Suzy's going nuts looking for ways to save the Shadowpact. All the more reason to look into every option available to keep Houma safe, like Black Adam is doing for Khandaq. Keep working at it, Dad. You're still the best. Love, Barefoot Tefé."

Perhaps I should reserve judgment in the case of Black Adam until
I meet with him personally to settle this matter. Tomorrow, I should
pay the monarch of Khandaq a proper visit. Yes. I will do exactly that.

A Louisiana Earth Elemental In Black Adam's Court.


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