Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Louisiana Earth Elemental In Black Adam's Court.

Today, I visited the Arab nation of Khandaq. I have met the supreme monarch of this Egyptian land, High Khan and Prophet Teth-Adam, who is known throughout the western world as Black Adam. As I approached the borders of his kingdom, I found his reaction to be most prompt. He levitated before me, demanding an explanation for my presence. I began to worry that my slow speech patterns would try his patience. But he listened attentively, and deigned to escort me personally to his palace. It would seem his intentions for diplomacy are genuine, if somewhat more than heavy-handed. And indeed, I do seem to fit with his expression of seeking alliances that desire to change the world, as I have clearly done in the past. I rather tend to think he was more concerned with the changing nature of magic, for that is the source of his power. To drive this point home, we soon found ourselves in a strangely heroic team-up, rescuing the beautiful young Barefoot Adrianna Tomaz II, barefoot daughter of the long-deceased Barefoot Andrea Thomas-Tomaz, former mortal host of the fabled powerful Egyptian Barefoot Goddess, Barefoot Isis, from a pair of recently-entombed enchanted mummies.

I purposely neglected to inform Black Adam of the barefoot girl's identity, or the presence of Barefoot Isis's spirit within her. I'm sure they will both discover this soon enough when the time is right for her to become Barefoot Isis, as her barefoot mother surely did, as did her father's barefoot sister, the original Barefoot Adrianna Tomaz I, had done before her...

At any rate, Black Adam and I discussed the present states of our respective dominions. He has had to deal with issues of famine, Palestinian terrorism, domestic abuses, and invasive foreign intrusions within his borders. Black Adam was pleased to find my company so leniently compliant to his wishes. He approved that I was merely a benevolent visitor to his court seeking to address certain issues. He even explained why it is not permitted for a being such as myself to effect environmental changes in his country for the better, but to express my opinions directly to him and his court for his eventual consideration. In truth, he feels his influence alone is the only salvation his homeland has. This is why he feels he must go to such extreme lengths to protect his home and slowly incorporate it's development by his own actions. When we arrived at the subject of my own problems, he merely addressed the topic of the Floronic Man not belonging to this dimension and the prompt need for his disposal. Black Adam supports King Toad's rebellion, sadly. He would however provide asylum for my family in his own palace, should the worst for Houma come to pass. The Cajuns, he believes, should be my responsibility alone. He posits that as the Good Gumbo Man, I am the Prophet of the Acadians, and therefore I should be the one to righteously guide and deliver them onto salvation. In the end of this counsel, while our positions did not change, it seems our separate paths have attained new directions. He will seek more constructive means to preserve his kingdom, encouraging a more open-minded standing amongst his people. Meanwhile, I am to crackdown on the Floronic Man problem. If and when Jason Woodrue is located, it is then Black Adam would be more than happy to help me destroy him, so long as Woodrue is no longer aligned with King Toad. Disappointed with this, he dismissed me and I turned to leave. Walking outside, Barefoot Adrianna was bathing luxuriously in one of the palace's great water fountains and I said hello to her.

To my relief, she asked me questions about Black Adam, which I found to be very promising. I told her if she should one day confront Black Adam, she must be unafraid and highly vocal about how he could change his country for the better. She must tell Adam that he will fail in changing the world. Barefoot Adrianna must attempt to convince Adam of the dangerous course that he seems set upon. Even when Adam tries to be dismissive of her, she must bravely stand her dusty sun-scorched Arab ground beneath her own two lovely always bare feet in the desert sand. She promised she would try to do this someday. Perhaps in a couple of months all of this will come to pass and she will become Barefoot Isis. I took her in my arms and kissed her, made love to her in the water, giving her my blessing. She said she was honored by the pleasure and benefit of care in joining my world-wide harem of barefoot lady lovers.

Then I left, after telling her that we would someday meet again, as she smiled and said good-bye. At least some great good came of this day. I would hate to have had my time wasted here. It is with this complicated state of affairs that I left the corrupt Black Adam's country for my own. Nothing has changed here in any profound sense, but I cannot help but think today's interaction, shared understanding that was of positive effect. Perhaps someday, we will know full the implications of today's meeting in the terms Black Adam knows best. In the edicts constantly founded in ancient and modern history...

A Good Quiet Day For The Holland Family.


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