Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Good Quiet Day For The Holland Family.

Today proved to be a most excitingly pleasant Ascension Day.
I arrived early at Barefoot Abby's house this morning to join in the family's gardening of Barefoot Abby's annual cucumber crop. She received a phone call from Barefoot Suzy, saying that several of the space heroes are now missing, in addition to there being no change in the Shadowpact's situation. Barefoot Abby asked Barefoot Suzy to calm down and just relax her troubled mind, insisting that everything would turn out to be fine for everyone who is currently unaccounted for. This is exactly what Barefoot Suzy needed to hear. My barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby is so good and excellently dependable in handling uneasy situations such as this. After getting off the phone with my young barefoot lady partner, my barefoot wife and barefoot daughter went out nude into the backyard with me to attend our gardening. Once Barefoot Abby showed Barefoot Tefé how to settle the cucumbers, Barefoot Tefé's natural knack for gardening proved to be impressive indeed. When the barefoot women were done with their garden arrangements, both looked upon me with great anticpation. Placing my hands into the earth, I felt the slow growth of the cucumbers. Speeding up the growth process, the crop sprang forth much to my family's delight. Harvesting the large cucumbers, Barefoot Abby made a splendid salad. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé enjoyed eating the salad very much, as they showered me with compliments on how delicious it was. Barefoot Tefé then left us for the day. She was going to spend some quality time at the naturist resort's sauna room with her barefoot girlfriend, Barefoot Zaina.
This left Barefoot Abby enough privacy with me to spend the rest of the day to our own love-making, putting my own personal cucumber to a very different use! When Barefoot Tefé made it home earlier tonight, Barefoot Abby insisted I return to my duties in the swamp and check up on my old friend Jordan Schiller. Barefoot Abby thanked me gratefully before I left, for another glorious time spent together romantically, as always. Barefoot Abby said she knew that I would "rise" to this occasion. It's good to know I can always satisfy my beloved barefoot wife! Such a wonderful way to dedicate this 125th post to my weblog. If only every day could be so fun and meaningful.

The Return of Barefoot Poison Ivy!


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