Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Close Call For Steel.

Can John Henry Irons Survive The Dangers Lex Luthor Throws His Way?

I was watching television with Barefoot Abby at her house today, when a news broadcast came on. Steelworks Laboratory in Metropolis exploded this morning. John Henry Irons, the director and foreman of the company was missing and presumed dead. Has Lex Luthor taken another life? We wondered. Later, around 3:45 P.M. the electrical power to Barefoot Abby's house was lost. She pulled the drapes up, and said it wouldn't be a problem if it didn't last too long. The electricity came back on at 4:30 P.M. and Barefoot Abby was glad the power outage caused by a switch failure only lasted 45 minutes. When the TV came on, we saw Steel was very much alive. He was encased in his familiar armor and speaking live to reporters. He claimed what happened to Steelworks was an accident and he was glad no fatalities took place. It would seem Steel's troubles with Luthor are only beginning. As for the local power failure here in Houma, I can't shake the feeling that Woodrue was somehow responsible. Yes, the future for everyone is starting to grow much darker. I will be staying with Barefoot Abby tonight, and make for certain she will be safe. Let us hope that Steel can do the same, protecting the people of Metropolis.

Barefoot Tefé's Cult Experience.


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