Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dealing With Another Crisis.

The Zeta Beam Survivors. Were They The Lucky Ones?

Barefoot Abby and I can't seem to catch a break. Yesterday, on Information Technology Day, we were contacted by Barefoot Lady Oracle. Her holographic icon image was impressive. She informed us that a tragic accident had just befallen a group of space heroes being transferred to Earth on the spectrum of a Zeta Beam. Barefoot Lady Oracle suggested Barefoot Abby's talents in dealing with such traumas were of paramount interest. Barefoot Abby wasn't interested in going, but she changed her mind when she learned a sizable advance payment had already been paid by Barefoot Lady Oracle to her bank account. Barefoot Abby needed that money plus the bonus Barefoot Lady Oracle promised to pay her. So we boarded Barefoot Lady Blackhawk's jet once more and went to Saint Camillus Hospital in Perth, Western Australia. At first, I thought Barefoot Abby wasn't going to be up to it. However, she handled the situation well, as her medical and trauma care training over the years came to guide her through this trying and confusing time. My barefoot wife is an astoundingly capable barefoot woman. She quickly patched up Green Lantern Alan Scott's lost eye. He then shot off into the sky, saying there was some person he had to meet with. This turned out to be Barefoot Ellen Baker in California, according to Barefoot Lady Oracle, whom Alan told that her husband Animal Man was missing. The perpetually youthful Barefoot Ellen refused to give up hope. Back in Australia, with nothing else to do for the moment, I checked my latest e-mail messages. Barefoot Tefé reported how the Martian Manhunter managed to escape the trap Koma had set for him on Mars, and J'onn was now safely back on Earth. Koma threatens to hire other divergent villains to kill the Martian. If this situation gets out of hand, I may have to get personally involved, seeing how there is no longer going to be a Justice League to help J'onn. Perhaps I should start my own group of heroes to save him? Putting this out of my mind for a time, I went to check up on how Barefoot Abby was doing. She flipped on a television and we watched an international news broadcast. Lex Luthor said that he's created a synthesized metagene so that anyone can become a superhero. What was Luthor's motive for this? Before we could think on it, there was a disturbance outside.
It was Barefoot Kendra Shiera Saunders-Hall, the Barefoot Hawkgirl, who now was suffering the ill effects of gigantism. She toppled off the flatbed truck she had fallen from. Her arms flailed deliriously, striking herself bloodily in the face. Her lovely and characteristically dirty-soled always bare feet kicked wildly and with tremendous speed, smashing approaching vehicles. Her wings spread out with a mind of their own, blocking the path of those trying to help. She'd tipped over the ambulance carrying another critically wounded hero, so I used my great strength to get the Barefoot Hawkgirl situation under control, as Barefoot Abby helped the medical team save yet another heroic life. Alan Scott returned in time to assist us. He later explained to Steel what had come to pass. This was all the fault of Alex Luthor during the Crisis. Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Barefoot Lady Starfire were probably dead. This was terrible news. But still, every single life present here today was saved. We held a pleasant party. I slow danced with Barefoot Abby, which proved to be a lot of fun. The brave Barefoot Hawkgirl is stablized, having now been restored to her normal size. Barefoot Kendra soon appeared outside our room, showering her beautiful healthy nude body. We're very happy to see she is okay.

We talked with her for a few minutes while we assisted in helping her to bathe herself, and as soon as we determined she had her strength back, then Barefoot Abby and I began to make love with her together in the splashing water. The sensational fucking we shared was quite pleasant indeed. It was the first threesome sexual experience Barefoot Kendra has had in her current incarnation. She was as grateful for these erotic sexy times as she was to us for saving her life. The Barefoot Hawkgirl was in fine health, although the same cannot be said for the shrunken but also stable Barefoot Lady Bumblebee. The process of separating Cyborg and Firestorm from their fused state has already begun, and the others are being well taken care of. It's very good to know that Barefoot Abby and I helped in this recovery effort. Alan Scott thanked Barefoot Abby for all the help and support she's given him these past couple of days. Now we're on our way home after two days of hard work at the Australian Metahuman Medical Center. This has been a worthwhile experience. Barefoot Abby feels this time's paid off for us, in more ways than one. And since Barefoot Lady Oracle could only pay off Barefoot Abby and not me, I'm still owed a favor. I intend to call in that favor from Barefoot Lady Oracle's people very soon...

Team-Up With The Barefoot Birds Of Prey.


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