Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Barefoot Lady Gypsy: Is She Having Second Thoughts?

The Beautiful Barefoot Lady Gypsy,
Barefoot Cynthia "Barefoot Cindy" Reynolds.
Does She Have The Courage To Face The Danger?

Barefoot Cynthia Reynolds, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy may be thinking of backing out of our planned confrontation with King Toad and Woodrue, it seems. Barefoot Abby has a little history with this young barefoot woman several years ago, attempted mentoring the barefoot girl during a short stay at Elysium Lawns, Barefoot Abby's place of employment at the time in Barefoot Cindy's troubled youth. Barefoot Abby knew to convince the teenage always-barefoot girl to embrace and not to reject her developing powers. Barefoot Cindy was persuaded by Barefoot Abby to wait, be patient and choose carefully, then run boldly and gracefully on her always bare feet toward something, and not to simply run away. Since Barefoot Cindy had already grown up more well-experienced barefooter than most barefoot women and children, Barefoot Abby found it easy to persuade Barefoot Cindy into even more consistent thoughtful awareness and exercise for natural healthy reasons, which helped tremendously in the perpetually barefoot girl's development of her impressive athletic abilities and stamina, with Barefoot Cindy learning even better methods of protectively balming her always bare hands and always bare feet, and always proudly going barefoot in the icy winters, just as Barefoot Abby always has. Barefoot Cindy's impressively strong endurance of the cold applies not only to her always being barefoot, but also to her excellent cold water swimming abilities as well. Barefoot Cindy loved also as much treading the hot summer sun-baked streets under her famous double gold-ankleted and silver toe-ringed natural always bare feet. Barefoot Abby accepted Barefoot Cindy's insistence of living such a vagabond lifestyle. Adopting the heroic identity of the daring Barefoot Lady Gypsy, Barefoot Cindy pursued the last leg of her barefoot journey of self discovery. Now with the Barefoot Lady Gypsy self-assured, she confidently sets out everywhere in the world upon her dirty, athletic, toughened, seasoned always bare feet. The teenage barefoot superheroine left Houma and had then returned to her home state. The Barefoot Lady Gypsy went all the way to the streets of Detroit, where she successfully joined the Justice League and was mentored by the Martian Manhunter. Today, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy is proudly considered for full membership in the Birds of Prey, as is her fellow Detroit League partner Barefoot Marilyn McCabe, the Barefoot Lady Vixen, who has always been likewise always been gracefully dynamic on her always bare feet, just like her cherished likewise-bisexual beautiful barefoot lady lover, in their relationship all these years.

This brings us to the present. Hours earlier, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy emerged from her long swim. The afternoon sun shined her athletic sun-bronzed beautiful nude body and wet slicked-back hair. She held a month-old photo in her hand. Pausing a moment in the water, she aligned her sexy breast nipple-rings of her sleek nude body jewelry.

The Barefoot Lady Gypsy's compulsive nature is pleasantly amusing.

She's certainly proven herself a very capable young barefoot woman today. She'd swam to the Cajun camp and scouted up evidence of the rising of Jason Woodrue from his grave. This event quietly witnessed taking place by some curious Cajun children, an entire month ago.

This discovery by the Barefoot Lady Gypsy for our side is not much, but it's a start. I wish I had known about this before, however, as it might have helped. At any rate, Barefoot Abby wasn't going to talk Barefoot Cindy into staying. The Barefoot Lady Gypsy knew the dangers now and must either honor her commitments or else retract herself from volunteering for her own safety. Fortunately, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy's desire to be one of the Barefoot Birds of Prey, coupled with sentimental feelings for Barefoot Abby has helped to strengthen the Barefoot Lady Gypsy's resolve. While she's not fearless as the other Barefoot Birds of Prey are known to be, the beautiful Barefoot Lady Gypsy's heroic and selfless. That is certainly enough from Barefoot Cindy Reynolds to gain my admiration and respect. Soon, her resolve will once again be as solid as her street-smart tough concrete-hard--yet soft and beautiful, always bare feet.

The Barefoot Lady Vixen: On The Trail Of King Toad.


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