Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Barefoot Lady Vixen: On The Trail Of King Toad.

The Barefoot Lady Vixen, Barefoot Marilyn McCabe.
A Barefoot Woman Who Never Hesitates To Speak Her Mind.

Barefoot Marilyn McCabe, the Barefoot Lady Vixen is a barefoot woman of skills as remarkable as the other Barefoot Birds of Prey. Two days into her search, she has managed to find the location of King Toad's hideout in Houma. She does not know if Woodrue is present, nor if King Toad has acquired the explosives stolen from the construction company building last month by the missing and apparently presumed dead Nerk and Sissy Bob. The Barefoot Lady Vixen tells me those monsters are the sickest, filthiest, most disgusting, sorry bastards she's ever seen, they even make me look good to her. Then, she promptly apologized to Barefoot Abby for comparing me to the evil King Toad, as the barefoot women finished their bathing under the streaming waterfall and plunged their beautiful nude bodies into our familiar lake below. I told the brash Barefoot Lady Vixen that Barefoot Abby didn't marry me for my good looks, offering her a tuber as she swam up to me and continued her swim in the water. The Barefoot Lady Vixen admits this mission has been a refreshingly good change of pace for her. Like her longtime beloved barefoot girlfriend the Barefoot Lady Gypsy, presently the Barefoot Lady Vixen is just as leisurely and comfortably nude, as is the Barefoot Lady Gypsy. Barefoot Marilyn has retracted her natural claws alternately maintaining nude between her rigorous athletic exercises and slipping into total relaxation in our inviting marshland environment. Barefoot Marilyn and Barefoot Cindy now joined Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé in swimming nude and diving beautifully into our family's favorite lake. How I adore all these lovely barefoot women, particularly whenever they are nude and having fun together. Barefoot Abby certainly had fun, she says Barefoot Marilyn's quirky behavior was quite engaging, even more so than Barefoot Cindy's own. Barefoot Tefé, after no surprises, was now totally captivated with our well-spent naturist weekend with the Barefoot Birds of Prey. Barefoot Abby has even convinced Barefoot Marilyn to follow her life's dream of returning to the Barefoot Lady Vixen's native African wildlife preserves after this adventure. I certainly hope that the Barefoot Lady Vixen will enjoy returning home to Africa as much as she's loving these nights here, nude and relaxed in the swamps, and I sincerely hope she writes back to us in good faith. The Barefoot Lady Vixen and Barefoot Lady Gypsy have become such good friends to us in the short time they've been here. I wish I could say the same about the Barefoot Black Canary and the Barefoot Huntress, but they can focus on nothing else but the mission, which is probably for the best. I wish the troubled Barefoot Dinah and Barefoot Helena had joined in our fun, at least for this pleasant evening. But they did not. Those two barefoot women seem particularly stressed. They could clearly use the refreshment of a casual time off. But as always it's business with them, not pleasure, that was their concern here. Both the Barefoot Canary and Barefoot Huntress' costumes stayed on for longer than we expected. For they stayed dedicated to their task, ready for anything. Strict constant surveillance was maintained about the targeted fugitive hideout. The Barefoot Huntress wanted to move in on the warehouse where King Toad is hiding tonight, but the Barefoot Black Canary insisted they must wait for Barefoot Lady Blackhawk to return from her latest trip with the supplies and ammunition they'll need. We can wait one more night to strike. This mission must be completely successful, after all. There is nothing more important right now than stopping King Toad and Woodrue from destroying Houma. We know where our dangerous enemy is hiding. We have the element of surprise on our side. The attack will take place tomorrow. That is enough for now. Besides, now that the perimeter is secure, I can see that the Barefoot Black Canary, the Barefoot Huntress, and Barefoot Lady Blackhawk are at last nude once again, on free time from their superhero duties and ready to relax as the barefoot women share a few tubers and plunge their healthy sleek clean beautiful nude dancers' bodies into the swamp to dive in and swim, having the pleasantly good time here they so well deserve. Besides, sexually pleasuring so many of my loyal barefoot lady courtesans all at once as they swim in the swamp is what these magnificent beautiful barefoot ladies say I do best!

Payback For King Toad.


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