Monday, June 05, 2006

Payback For King Toad.

King Toad. The Most Wretched Monster Of All.

Today was World Environment Day. Ironic then, that tonight was when the Barefoot Birds of Prey and I had confronted King Toad at this time. I stepped out of the van with the Barefoot Black Canary, the Barefoot Huntress, the Barefoot Lady Gypsy, and the Barefoot Lady Vixen at my side as we entered the abandoned shipbuilding warehouse. As soon as we entered, the lights came on. We were surrounded on all sides. Every one of King Toad's minions wielded a high-powered automatic weapon, ready and trained to use it. I asked King Toad where he got his new toys. He said he took them off some escaped convicts, hiding out in this very warehouse. He's said it's fated how things turn out. I asked him if he's also ran into Nerk and Sissy Bob. He said those Bayou Boys failed him, and he never cares to see them again. Suddenly, a loud noise came from above jarring the armed monsters. The Barefoot Huntress had thrown a shock bomb toward the high ceiling of the warehouse to test for the possible presence of the explosives Nerk and Sissy Bob had stolen. Since nothing exploded, Barefoot Dinah received permission from Barefoot Lady Oracle to unleash the full fury of her sonic scream. The Barefoot Black Canary gave the secret signal. Her friends sprang into action. Each of the barefoot women fought her way into a lone corner of the warehouse, and at once reaching safety, they all covered their ears.
King Toad said I was stupid to count on barefoot women to do a man's job. The Barefoot Black Canary said she had something to say about that. She dropped from her bare feet, down to her knees, and she released her powerful metahuman super-sonic Canary Cry...

...and King Toad and his goblins went flying. Admittedly, a far less fatal treatment than the one I would have inflicted upon King Toad, but an equally deserving one. Unfortunately, King Toad had one more trick up his sleeve. He reached behind a crate and pulled out his hostage for the evening: Barefoot Tefé! My barefoot daughter was supposed to be safely away, vacationing with her fellow escorts once again with one of her wealthy elite masters that she was fully intended to be sexually pleasing and servicing aboard his yacht. But the trip was postponed by her client and she had errantly followed us. Barefoot Tefé was grabbed by one of the monsters as she had gotten too close to the warehouse. Now bound and gagged and crying, my beloved barefoot girl-child has helpless in the hands of my worst enemy. King Toad was pleased to learn Barefoot Tefé was now powerless to stop him. He was so happy, in fact, he showed me his other advantages. He reached into the tattered pants he'd taken from one of his victims and pulled out a small creature:
Clearly, this was Jason Woodrue. More, King Toad informed me, he had many such "Little Woodrues" all over Houma and the swamp. One word from him, and Woodrue can destroy everything. Then King Toad put the Woodrue away, and held a machete to Barefoot Tefé's throat. He said we had better let him go now, or Barefoot Tefé would die. I told him to kill my barefoot daughter would be to destroy himself, as the magic of the swamp protects those who are born there in the care of Cajuns, as Barefoot Tefé was. Cursing loudly, King Toad released Barefoot Tefé. Then he savagely hit her over the head. She fell unconscious into my arms. King Toad's boys fired at us to cover their escape. The Barefoot Birds of Prey attempted pursuit. But a cocktail bomb and the fires it started forced them to give it up. Now we are worse off than before. Barefoot Tefé has been hurt and she won't wake up.

A Crushing Defeat...


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