Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Unexpected Help From Barefoot Poison Ivy.

Barefoot Pamela Isley: My Newest And Closest Friend?

Barefoot Poison Ivy finally talked to me today. Morning came, and I was still in agony from yesterday's depression. Finally, the thought of losing everything I have worked so very hard for overcame me. I sat down and cried in my pain most despairingly. This must have touched something emotionally in Barefoot Poison Ivy that is still Barefoot Pamela Isley, for she came over and asked me if it was a stupid question, or if she could help me? I put my arms around the sleek green beautiful nude body of Barefoot Poison Ivy, and I asked her to stay with me. She told me that she was so very sorry for what she tried to do to the Barefoot Black Orchid. She begged for my forgiveness. I told her if anyone needed forgiveness, then it was me. This whole situation with King Toad and Woodrue has gotten unspeakably out of hand. Barefoot Ivy then showed me what she had in her hand. A small wooden box. She opened it. Inside was one of the Mini-Woodrues, crazily singing it's bizarre little song.
She asked if this peace offering was going to be of any assistance?
I told her I was grateful, that now I could study the problem and hopefully find a solution. This made her happy.

Later this afternoon, I found her bathing her lovely nude body at the waterfall of the lagoon and joined her. We talked a lot about the problems we have had over the many years. Surprisingly, she had nothing to say about her insane lifestyle in Gotham City. Mostly she talked about her failures to find herself. The countless men and barefoot women she has destructively seduced over the years were merely her way for compensating for this. She's never been in a relationship where she was truly loved for being who she is. That is why she is so messed up, she explained. I told her that she's still Barefoot Pamela Isley, despite her chemical and biological changes, and the world needs to see that. When her mission as Barefoot Poison Ivy is finished, she said she will try to live again as Barefoot Pamela Isley in her current state, just as I continue to carry on as Alec Holland would for my barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby, even as I shall always exist as the Swamp Thing. Barefoot Ivy looked at me for long moments and told me that she loved me. I took her into my arms and kissed her. I told her this kiss was from Alec Holland to Barefoot Pamela Isley. As the Swamp Thing and Barefoot Poison Ivy, we have a hard long road ahead of us. She said she will try to be more like me. I hope she'll succeed in her quest to become a better person. With my love and support she will do exactly that. I only hope she finds the peace she seeks and someday abandons her otherwise destructive path. It's the only hope for Barefoot Poison Ivy.

The Barefoot Black Orchid: Feeling The Frustration.


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