Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Barefoot Black Orchid: Feeling The Frustration.

Everything Continues To Change, As The Evolving Barefoot Suzy
Disapproves Of My Relationship With Barefoot Pamela Isley.

Barefoot Suzy has become rather upset with me... and the world,
in general. As the intense pressure comes at me from all places,
I suppose I will be faced with more scathing reactions such as this:

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec. In light of recent events I've tried to be patient in reaction to what is currently happening, I just have to say: HOW DARE YOU???? Of all people you have to get involved with, WHY does it have to be BAREFOOT POISON IVY? She tried to kill me in the Battle of Metropolis! I offered my hand in friendship and she practically bit it off. I will never understand where you see any goodness in her. Barefoot Pamela Isley is the most wretched, foulest, evil, insane, pathetic excuse for an elemental I've ever known. She's only deserving of a good mindwipe, not your understanding and respect! By rights, I should tell Barefoot Abby about this, but she has suffered through more than enough already. What we have had together comes with the blessings of necessity. What you've done with Barefoot Poison Ivy is inexcuseable. Don't think anything good will come of this. Barefoot Poison Ivy is just as corrupt as the Floronic Man, King Toad, and all of the rest. She may come in a pretty package, but a super-villain is still a super-villain. As for me, I'm still with Barefoot Valda and Rex at the blood-dome covering Riverrock. All we can do now is wait for the return of the Phantom Stranger and Barefoot Lady Witchfire, for all the good they'll do. This living nightmare shows no signs of changing. I have no intention of leaving. I won't abandon the Shadowpact, nor will I let the world ever forget about their sacrifice. Barefoot Lady Blackhawk stops by every few days to check on us. It's great to relax and bathe in one of the Blackhawk jet's hot tubs. Still, sometimes I can't stop crying..."

"I honestly hope Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé end up leaving you to face King Toad alone. At this point, you really and truly deserve it. If you want Barefoot Poison Ivy so badly, then I guess you deserve each other. And if you think all I'm going to do is bash you in this letter, forget it. I've done some checking. Barefoot Tefé is going to be okay. She's not in a coma, but she will be laid up in the hospital for a week. Don't worry, she'll be fine. But you won't, if you keep wasting valuable time with Barefoot Poison Ivy. Do what is right, please! Sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

I must admit to feeling divided about this. I certainly understand Barefoot Suzy's feelings in this matter and how she's been hurt. But I must continue to do what I feel I should, no matter what it costs me, even the friendship and trust of the Barefoot Black Orchid. Why must fate always be so cruel to me? Especially now, having to choose on this dreaded "Name Your Poison" Day.

Barefoot Abby: My Greatest Barefoot Lady Love.


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