Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Romantic Week-Long Gulf Island Getaway.

My Darling Sexy Nude Barefoot Wife, Barefoot Abby. She Is Still
The Most Sensually Beautiful Barefoot Lady In All The World...

The first day of our vacation was a most incredible and resoundingly
beautiful experience. Barefoot Abby awoke with the sunrise. We took
a luxurious swim together when the morning sun was at its highest.

Barefoot Abby loves to swim with the sea turtles, the manatees, and especially the dolphins. She dived in many times staying down as long as she could hold her breath underwater and played with the beautiful friendly dolphins. She's always been completely fascinated with them.

When we returned to the shore, Barefoot Abby was peaked from her morning exercise, singing to catch her breath, she lay her gorgeous nude body down in the sand to tan and soak up the sun. She keeps herself in excellent shape in her slowly-aging body. Once rested, she ran gracefully nude up and down the beach. To bathe the wet beach sand out of her beautiful long white hair, she plunged her perfectly-tanned nude body into the soothing ocean again for another long swim, and we made love underwater. Barefoot Abby takes such good care of herself. I'm most proud of her for this. There are a lot of things we wish to do during this week off. Barefoot Abby wants me to go off this weblog until the entry for Father's Day, just after the end of our vacation. Yes, I think this will indeed be most sufficient. When we return home, we shall have an enjoyable collection of the most beautiful memories of our time here.

This is the way things should always be. I'm extremely happy now.
For me, loving happiness has always been such a rare thing. I'll have
this beautiful experience with me always, and begin a much brighter
approach to life in my existence. Peace and love to all, my friends.

Father's Day With My Family.


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