Monday, June 19, 2006

Heroes, Villains, And The Call To Action!

Heroics, Villainy, And Events.
Everything I Need To Catch Up On From The Past Week.

It seems I have missed out on a lot this past week. Fortunately,
I have Barefoot Tefé to fill me in on what I've been missing:

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad. I had a great time visiting you yesterday. Mom looks great. What an awesome perfect nude body sun tan she has! You've done her some real favors! Not only are you the best Dad in the world, Mom's put you in for best husband too. Out of sight! You guys rock."

"I love you both. I just can't say it to you enough. Believe it!"

"Anyway, here's the lowdown on what you've missed. Black Adam tried pulling one of his superhero airspace restrictions [strong-arming] fiascos again, this time on a couple of Green Lanterns who were after some loser called Evil Star who was hiding out in China. Adam had just signed some papers to get China's Great Ten superheroes under his wing. He chased the GLs to Russia, where the Rocket Reds pushed Adam to back off. And if that's not enough news for you,
then there's my favorite media idiot Booster Gold, and what happened with him earlier tonight."


"Booster Gold was nailed to the wall tonight by no less than that insane massive asshole "friend" of his-- Ralph Dibny-- who called Booster out on the carpet for his paying phony villains to chase down. Barefoot Cassie's stunt on that sleazy jerkwad Dibny finally gave him back his balls. I sure would hate to be Booster Gold right now. What a stupid joke Goldenboy turned out to be. Makes me glad to be in the high-end escort business so I don't have to deal with guys like this..."

"So what's Barefoot Poison Ivy been up to, ever since she hauled her
hot nude sexy green botanical ass back to Gotham, Dad? Well, I got
some e-mails from Barefoot Poison Ivy and Barefoot Harley Quinn:"

"They are such show-offs. Barefoot Ivy's still clueless, and Barefoot Harley's still a loony-toon. Nothing out of the ordinary here [at least for them]. They were surprised to have their latest gang bought out from under them by Harvey Dent in this huge police/crook payoff double-cross scam. You see, Dent isn't Two-Face anymore, and he's got to be running the show in Gotham now that the Batman and most of his Bat-Brigade followers have gone off to nowhere to get lives or something. Anyway, Barefoot Ivy's glad it happened. With Barefoot Harley run off to find the Joker to "get even" with Dent, Barefoot Ivy says she's going to concentrate on the really important stuff. No idea what you've started here, Dad. But we'll all find out soon, won't we? You know what happens whenever Barefoot Ivy gets Gotham concrete under her little sexy bare feet! She may be green and pretty, but when it comes to Barefoot Poison Ivy, you can only expect an itch!

Anyway, that's everything for last week while you were away on the island. Hope you enjoyed it. Love, Barefoot Tefé."

Now that I am caught up on current events, I'm feeling prepared to embark on tomorrow's mission. Yesterday, I took part in preparing a Strike Force with the timely assistance of Barefoot Lady Oracle. Barefoot Abby is proud of me, saying that I am going on a real super-hero mission. I will save the Martian Manhunter from his enemies. Tomorrow should prove to be an exciting but dangerous time. Compared to confrontations with my own enemies, this should be a walk in the park...

For now, Barefoot Abby and I are going to relax and have fun.
What better way to do so, than with our newest sexy polyamorous barefoot lady courtesan guest for the evening, the beautiful Barefoot Karen Starr, our most reliable friend-with-benefits?

"Hello, World!", she shouted proudly while she started to pose nude exquisitely for our digital cameras. Her fit sexy body definitely spoke for itself with her exciting and glamorous naked beauty.

Yes, lovely Barefoot Karen Starr, our loyal Barefoot Power Girl will do magnificently for our adventurous aquatic threesome party planned for tonight, with all the places at the resort and in the bayou where we can swim and make love to her underwater, below and above the surface. She's been needing this for such a long time, and Barefoot Abby and I are more than happy to take part. For now, it's time to get wet, to dive in and indulge in our naked passions. And tomorrow, as they say, is another day...

Strike Force: The Battle With Magneto.


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